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Like the frustrations they felt with Walt Disney World and its annual Pass program while making theme park reservations, Disneyland Resort’s magic key holders are struggling.

Jennifer says: As a data scientist, I feel compelled to point out this fantastic illustration of how certain seemingly contradictory statements can be. “Key holders on social media have said bookings are not available for weeks before” against “Disney officials say the vast majority of key holders report that they will get as much, if not more access to the parks than they expected. “. Most likely translation: a small subgroup of passage holders with particular visit patterns is frustrated, while a larger group of visitors who give a much lower value to spontaneity is fine. Keep in mind that it’s easy to say that Disney never promised a ton of spontaneity, but it’s also true that not being able to book in less than a month limits the number of uses that can be obtained from one pass.

This week we lost a huge Disney legend to Ruthie Tompson. She began her career at Walt Disney Studios as a painter in the Ink and Painting Department, and went on to play important roles in final control, scene planning, and the camera department. He passed away at the age of 111.

Becky says: What an awesome life! I’m glad they gave him a proper tribute.

News from the great Disney movies. Alan Horn will retire as creative director of Disney Studios Content later this year. Under Horn, Disney successfully integrated Marvel’s film operations, restarted the Star Wars franchise after buying Lucasfilm in 2012, and maintained its dominance in the animation space.

The Beatles: Get Back is now a three-part documentary directed at Disney +, which will include material depicting the legendary group at work, recording, cluttering and preparing that final concert on the roof. There’s a new four-minute trailer that was released. Check it out here. Want to see this?

Did you know that the enchanted Muppets mansion could have centered around Hocus Pocus?

Hawkeye’s new trailer was released. Start the holidays with the first two episodes of “Hawkeye” from Marvel Studios and start airing on November 24 on Disney +.

Jennifer is anxious: I’m pretty excited about it, though I’ll probably save it for doing it during Christmas week.

Becky agrees: I missed the weekly Marvel releases. Yes, I saw What If and it was great, but I did a live action again. So excited about it.

What are you talking about?

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