‘Money Loot’ Season 6: Netflix release date and what to expect

Money Loot – Copyright. Netflix

Money Heist’s journey on Netflix ended with the arrival of Season 6 (Part 5 Volume 2) in December 2021. We have seen five incredible asons Money Theft (La Casa de Papel), And below we’ll look at trailers, clips, and Netflix release dates to discuss what to expect from the final part.

Editor’s note: Netflix is ​​referring to the final episode as 5 Volume 2 but most people we’ve seen referring to the final season as Season 6, which we’re going to do below.

The Spanish event is one of the polarizing shows of the last five years, overcoming language barriers and entertaining millions of non-Spanish speakers around the world. While we’re still waiting to see the statistics of Part 5, we know that Part 4 is sure Stealing money More than a million families have become non-English headlines for viewing in the first month.

It’s been a long road of turns and turns, but we can’t wait to see what the final part is Stealing money There are reserved for us.

When Stealing money Season 6 Netflix release date?

The final part of it Stealing money Will be released on Netflix Friday, 3rd December, 2021.

We’ve seen the first two so far in Money Heist Season 6 (Part 5 Volume 2).

At the Netflix TUDUM event, we were treated to our first show in the final part of MoneyHist. The professor is mysteriously away from the Coms and the building is still surrounded by police, the Hist Crew arguing about how to escape, and what to do with all the gold.

Then on October 13, 2021 we got our first tease for the final season which was just a 42-second clip.

We are expecting one more full trailer before the release of Money Heist Season 6 on Netflix which should come a week or two before the release date.

What to expect from Stealing money Se Tu 6?

Much can be expected from the final part of it Stealing money. As you can imagine, there are plenty of spoilers below so be careful!

Will Alicia hand the professor over to the police?

Like the crew of the theft, Alicia is now one of the most wanted women in all of Spain, Europe and arguably the world. After confronting the professor and knocking out Marseille and Benjamin, the heavily pregnant Alicia gave birth. The last time we saw Alicia was when she took a pair of players out of the bathroom and hid them inside her hand. This means that Alicia is not yet fully on the professor’s side, and there is still a great chance that she could be the catalyst for the fall of the transfer, or at least at the professor’s end.

It is clear why Alicia would betray the professor. The last thing she wants to do is run away from the police while raising her child and spend her whole life. If the professor is handed over to the police, Colonel Tamayo can regain his place.

Money Heist Part 6 Alicia Professor

Although the professor helped give birth to her, Alicia is still a threat – copyright. Netflix

Will the kidnappers die or escape?

The death of Nairobi was devastating for the crew and the death of Tokyo will have a similar effect on their mentality. Without any more hostages, the only thing stopping Tamayo from sending a full force of police and army is the gold that is being held hostage and the professor has a horrible recording of the colonel.

Naturally, we hope that one or two gangs of thieves will be destroyed, but we hope that some will survive, although this does not mean that the gold has been stolen. The whole theft was started to rescue Rio from the hands of the police, one of the few we were expecting to escape.

How the crew will escape on earth is a guess at this rate.

Money loot part 6 stolen crew

Money Theft – Copyright. Netflix

Will Raphael steal and join?

A subplot of volume 5 Stealing money Raphael, the son of the Berlin cyber security whistleblower, has been introduced. Despite his reluctance and dissatisfaction, Raphael eventually learned to enjoy the rush of theft and wanted to join the family business. However, those events occurred before the theft of the Spanish Mint, and Raphael has not yet been seen or stolen by the professor.

Raphael may actually be exiled from the family. This is because we speculate that Raphael and Tatiana fled together, became heartbroken, but probably left Berlin behind.

Raphael is currently a wildcard, and with his help, the crew and professor can find a way to escape.

Money Loot Episode 6 Raphael

Is Raphael the key to Heist’s escape? – Copyright Netflix

Is Tokyo really dead?

There have been many twists and turns throughout Stealing moneyBut sadly no one can survive with four grenades in his chest. Tokyo’s sacrifice gave the crew more time, as he was able to kill Ganda, Sagasta and most members of the special forces.

Some fan theories suggest that we will see a return to Tokyo in the final season. At the very least, we expect his character to appear in one or two flashbacks.

Money looting 6 Tokyo

Bella Chiao Tokyo – Copyright. Netflix

How much is the episode count for season 6?

The final part of it Stealing money Will be released with five episodes. With the end of Money Heist there will be 41 amazing episodes that fans can enjoy.

Why this is the last season Stealing money?

All good things should end, but that doesn’t stop fans from being disappointed that one of their favorite shows is almost over.

Its creator is Alex Pina Stealing money, Addressed at the end of the series in several interviews. The credit for moving forward with a new project like Sky Rose.

Another big reason the series ended was because of the demand from the cast. E.g. Stealing money Featuring an incredible costume, each flowing season tu has only increased the popularity of the actors. It is extremely difficult to create shows with starred casts when they are in high demand.

The good news is that we’re going to see at least one spin-off. At the moment we only know about the Korean spin-off that started filming in 2021.

Also, if you live in a major city around the world, you may be able to take part in some Pop-Up Money Heist Live experiences.

Are you excited for season 6? Stealing money? Let us know in the comments below!

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