News from Disney Studios Hollywood: Sorry, but now it’s basically Christmas 不

Hello to all our DFB friends!

To infinity and beyond!

Right now there are SO MANY things at Disney World: Halloween, the 50th anniversary celebration, Christmas (!!!) and more. But were walking around the parks, included Disney’s Hollywood StudioSo lets check out whats been going on there since our last visit.

Merchandise updates from Hollywood studios

Mickey’s of Hollywood

There is something new Barret Mandalorian available. This is the way! He has Mando, Baby Yoda and a blue frog.

This is the hat.

The hat is $ 29.99.

Here’s proof that The Baby Yoda Craze Ain’t Over Disney Fans!

Keystone dresses

We saw some new shirts, including this gray one Avengers t-shirt for for $36.99


… and this orange Spider-Man T-shirt per $ 24.99.


We saw three new Marvel Legends figures we hadnt seen before. There is Cyclops

X Men!


Bullseye of Daredevil

… i Ant-Man.


These figures are $ 14.99 each.

You can now book the NINE Golden Books of Marvel, Star Wars and Orange Bird.

Hollywood legends

Want new t-shirts! We have new t-shirts! A shirt has Mickey Mouse On the front

Basic, but perfect

… and in 1928 in the back!

The year Mickey was born

There is also a new one Goofy shirt.

We love Goofy!

At the back it says, “The disadvantaged always comes out on top.”

So true.

Both shirts are $ 36.99 each.

If you need a fuzzy princess shirt this fall, click here

Once upon a time

Marvel’s Eternals will be released soon and we just saw some new figures and toys. There is something new Figure of Thena

the complaints







… i Druig. These figures are all $ 24.99 each.


There is also one Figure Cro per $ 39


… a Cosmic disk launcher

Discus thrower

… and a lot of fun Cosmic FX Glove per $ 19.99.

Sounds fun!

Now we want to see the movie!

Guess how popular Star Wars, Disney and Marvel themed weddings are. Click here to find out.

Hollywood Studios Other updates

Sunset Boulevard

It seems a little early, though Disney is already putting the stars on vacation at Sunset Blvd. Talk about getting a jump in the season!

Okay, its early, but whatever

We fully realize its not Halloween yet! Welcome to Disney World and its crazy early seasons.

See more photos of holiday decorations at Hollywood studios

These are all updates we have this week, but check back soon because well have more.

Here’s how to take a look at Disney’s NEW Cruise at Hollywood Studios.

Do not miss it Cap Disney Fun!

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