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Kathleen Hannah has quite a few keys: she goes all the way to our recent shooting alone in Hollywood – no preacher, zero bigotry. Kathleen Hanna is a fool: When we asked her to run through a few entrances for her “Best Advice” episode, she grabbed Kim Gordon’s T-shirt in her high-waisted underwear and hammered it out. Kathleen Hanna angry: She often raised her eyebrows to raise her voice, she gave a physical punctuation mark at any point.

As its leader Bikini Kill And the riot pioneer figure, the feminist punk movement of the early 90s, which Hannah has always used on her platform – Stage, Record, and Xeroxed DIY ‘Zine, to speak openly about the problems women face. . Back then, domestic violence against women was not the norm for three-and-a-half-minute pop songs, but to meet difficult issues without embarrassing Hannah, breaking expectations, occupying places (and stages), historically influenced men, and encouraging.To claim: “All the girls up front!”

After the Bikini Kill split in 1997, Hannah rearranged herself as one-third of the riotous synth-pop group. Tiger, With bandmates JD Samson and Johanna Fatman, and yet no matter what disguise she wears, honesty and activism are always at the center of her art. Earlier this year, when Bikini Kill announced their first date in two decades, fans were scared of old and new; The show has sold out, new ones have been added. Thirty years after the band’s inception, at a time when women’s rights and the body are at war, Hannah’s song still resonates.

For Hannerā€™s best advice of all time, it came through his Le Tigre comrade Johanna Fatman. Precisely, this is a straight point, no BS, and you can watch the whole episode above.

In addition to the Bikini Kill reunion show, Hannah continues to make music Julie Ruin, Not to mention partisanship with nonprofits in Pasadena Peace sister, A charity dedicated to helping educate young girls in Togo, West Africa. For her part Hannah came up with a selection of incredible artists to design t-shirts for the Peace Sisters, one of them wearing Kim Gordon’s shirt in this “best advice” episode. Other designs include faces Grimes, Chuck D., JD Samson, And Beasty Boys Ad-rock, as well as comedian Kristen Shawl, writer / director Jill Slowway, writer Brontez Purnell and many more. The price of one of these limited edition teas (only $ 40!) Will finance a full year of education at Togar One Girl’s School. (See the full Tees4Toga range here.)

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