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Grab your hats, the new pre-registration system for the DAS is already active. Those of us who use the DAS system have been very excited about this update, and there is even a logo that fits it. DAS Advance allows you to register or renew a DAS without having to wait in long lines in Customer Services. It also allows 2 DAS Advance selections per day for attractions, subject to availability.

The first is the first

  • What is DAS? DAS is the access service for the disabled. It is designed to allow guests who do not tolerate queues to wait for attractions in a more comfortable environment.
  • Who meets the requirements for DAS? Any guest who has a disability that prevents them from waiting in the traditional queue. I will not list the reasons or the diagnosis here, because this promotes system abuse. If you need it, you know it.
  • Do you qualify for a mobility challenge to obtain a DAS? No, most queues are large enough to hold a wheelchair or ECV. The pair of rides that don’t fit in a wheelchair or ECV have a system where they’ll give you a paper (or maybe soon digital) time to get into your alternate entrance.
  • Cast members working in guest services ask very direct questions about how a DAS will help you. There is no more room to move. I have news of guests who used to get it “only this time” and who have been turned down.

What is DAS Advance?

DAS Advance is a tool that will help you be prepared to enjoy the parks by the time you arrive. The program has two different parts. The first is a way to set up your DAS before you get to the parks. The second is to allow you to make two DAS advance selections each day that you have a Park Pass (theme park reservation).

DAS advance registration

  • DAS Advance registration will be done in video chat. Think of the so-called Zoom or FaceTime.
  • The guest who needs the DAS must be in the video chat.
  • Link all guests to the parks with your My Disney Experience account.
  • Link all valid entries to the theme park for each group member.
  • If you also choose DAS Advance Selections (which I recommend you do), make sure all members of your group have a valid park ticket and theme park reservation.

DAS Advance Selections

  • They are made by a cast member after you have registered your DAS or through a live chat link if your DAS is up to date.
  • These are attractions that can be booked 2 to 30 days before your visit. You can choose 2 for each day you have a valid theme park ticket and a theme park reservation.
  • Selections are subject to availability.
  • The available attractions are the Genie + attractions and not the Individual Lightning Lane attractions.
  • Individual Lightning Lane attractions (Rise of the Resistance, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, etc.) can still be programmed using DAS in the traditional way, unless there is a virtual queue (like Remy).
  • An early DAS selection is a one-hour return window. This is different from a return time, which is open.
  • You can use traditional DAS return times (even after Genie + starts) in addition to DAS advance selections. THIS IS HUGE !!
  • If your DAS is still active and you have more Park permissions reserved, you can join a chat link to request more advance DAS selections. You don’t need video chat or your guest using DAS to be with you.

Details of both.

  • You must register no later than 2 days or up to 30 days before arrival.
  • If you don’t use DAS Advance, don’t panic, you can still register or renew upon arrival at the parks and get the return schedules in person.

How to access DAS Advance?

If you haven’t signed in to your Disney Experience account, it’s easier now. If you do not have an account, you will need it to continue.

You must have a valid theme park ticket and a theme park reservation for each member of your travel group.

To register and renew a DAS through the Disney website

  1. Visit disneyworld.disney.go.com, hover over Help and Rules, scroll down, and click Disabled Guests.
  2. Find the section called Disabled Access Service and click the blue More Information link.
  3. Scroll down until you see purple circles with the three steps shown (Register, Request a Return Time, Enjoy the Park).
  4. Click the blue Read More link below the registration circle.
  5. Scroll down and virtually pre-register with a cast member via live video chat.
  6. Scroll down to a blue Terms and Conditions button. If your DAS is out of date, click this button and read the terms, click what you understand, and click the button below.
  7. Scroll down to the Request a Live Video Call button.
  8. You will be asked a series of questions about the dates you plan to visit the parks and your travel party.
  9. After answering these questions, you will enter the chat window to wait for your video call.
  10. Once your agent connects the video, they’ll ask you how a DAS will help you and other questions that will help them know the best way to help — including letting you know if you need a stroller to label the wheelchair. etc.
  11. If they decide that DAS is the best tool for you, they will talk to you through DAS Advance Selections. Knowing what you would like to do is all you need to know, they already have it all in the system.
  12. A DAS is updated for 60 days. You will then need to renew through the same process or in person.
  13. The advanced DAS selection will appear in your plans in the My Disney Experience app.

If you are using the MyDisneyExperience app, the steps are similar.

  1. Click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen and look for DAS.
  2. Click on the link for the Disabled Access Service.
  3. Scroll down and virtually pre-register with a cast member via live video chat.
  4. Once you click on this link, you will be taken to the website where you can follow steps 6 to 13 above.

For DAS advance selections: if your DAS is current

  1. Due to a form that will need to be completed during this process, I suggest you use the website instead of the MyDisneyExperience app.
  2. If you’re using the website, hover over Help and Rules and scroll down and click Disabled Guests.
  3. Find the Disabled Access Service and click the blue More Information link.
  4. Scroll beyond the terms and conditions until you see Next step: DAS planning, and then click the blue link in the DAS Advance planning options.
  5. Scroll down to the Request Live Chat button.
  6. You will be introduced to a chat box.
  7. When you chat with an agent, they will send you a form for your contact information. In this form there is a space for a reservation number. They don’t need it, feel free to leave it blank.
  8. Once you’ve filled out the form (this form allows them to access your MDE account), they’ll ask you what attractions you want in the first park you sign up for.
  9. You will be given up to 3 times to choose from, depending on availability. Then they repeat the process with the second attraction.
  10. Once you’re done, DAS Advance Selections will show up in your plans in the My Disney Experience app.
  11. It’s quick and easy once you get into it. They do all the work.


I don’t have time and my family member who needs the DAS definitely lacks patience for a long wait time, and what if I can’t get through before the two day window closes?

Unfortunately, you could not use DAS Advance. I fully understand how frustrating that would be, but don’t panic. The DAS system can still be accessed personally in the parks just like before the DAS Advance update. We expect the lines in guest services to be much shorter if many guests use DAS Advance and yet it is a win for all of us.

Is there a difference between a return time and a DAS advance selection?

Yes, The DAS Advance Selection is the attraction for which you pre-register. It has a one hour window and is based on availability.

A return time is an online virtual timeout based on the current timeout. You can have one at a time, in addition to the advanced DAS selection.

Can I use DAS with Genie +?

Yes, Genie + and DAS work well together. If much of your party appeals to attractions that the DAS holder doesn’t like, it’s an even better idea to analyze Genie + and Individual Lightning Lanes. Still, Genie + is a service that costs $ 15 per person per day. The DAS is independent and does not mean you get Genie + for free.

Can I get a return time from Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure?

Not as long as there is a virtual queue. You can use the alternate ticket after calling your boarding pass.

Waiting times for chats and video calls are long right now. I waited 6 hours and 37 minutes to set up the first day. I hope it’s the first day fall in love … and there are a lot of details we need to absorb, but I’m very excited about this update.

Note: As of October 14, pre-registration information has changed on the Disney website for customers arriving on or after November 1.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

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