Cool Nights in Disney World !? We have a weather update for next week!

It looks like Halloween has been spending MONTHS at Disney World, and that’s it.

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The “World” might have started the Halloween festivities in August, but the creepy day is almost here! If you’re celebrating the pre-All Hallows ’Eve period with a visit to Disney World, we’re here to help. a full time update for next week!

Weather forecast

According to The Weather Channel, THE SUN CONTINUES this week. Yes, we almost completely avoided rain last week and that trend doesn’t seem to be changing.

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So, without further ado, We delve into specific forecasting and some tips to help you weather the weather during your trip to Disney in late October.!

October 18th

Monday, October 18th it will start the week with temperatures that are consistent with what we have been seeing during the day. You’ll notice we’re out of our eighties! The low and mid 80s are the norm this week.

© The Weather Channel

And look at it so low! A 66 degree night will welcome us into Monday week. This is downright cold for the Florida fall. You might think you’ll feel comfortable, but once you’ve been in the heat all day, the mid-60s can feel cool!

October 19th

The next day October 19th it provides us with a similar forecast with a maximum of 85 degrees during the day and keeping it at least at a comfortable and COOL degree of 67 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

As we mentioned, this week is full of SUN. There’s a chance we’ll have a rainy evening later in the week, but if not, it looks like Florida’s dry season has arrived.

October 20th

Wednesday, October 20th, we will see that the times sit approximately in the same place. Thus, we will see heat in the mid-80s in the hottest part of the day. Its minimum will stay at 68 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

Wind speeds are up a bit this week! Breezes of between 15 and 20 MPH can appear on many days. Keep in mind that this can make your night feel even cooler. This could be the week to pack layers.

October 21st

For thursday October 21st, we are seeing a day with another constant temperature forecast in the mid 80s and a night at 69 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

Humidity levels are also lower. Last week, most were around 70%, but this week we are seeing predictions of 60%. It may be low for Orlando, but it can still be much higher than you’re used to at home. Keep in mind that humidity can make you feel a few degrees warmer than it really is.

October 22nd

The week continues with similar temperatures during the day and at night October 22nd. A consistent week makes it much easier to pack.

© The Weather Channel

This day has the highest temperatures of the whole week. Still, it’s cooler than we’ve seen in the last month or so. Warning that this is the day a lost storm can be detected in the afternoon.

October 23rd

Saturday, October 23rd brings us MORE constant temperatures for the week!

© The Weather Channel

The days get a little shorter, but you should still have plenty of daylight. Next week, the sunrise should touch around 7:30 and set at around 18:45. Here we will see a maximum of 85 degrees and a minimum of 68 degrees.

October 24th

And we will end the week October 24th with still warm temperatures and a beautiful sunny day and mixed clouds.

© The Weather Channel

Florida can still be much warmer and sunnier than at home when you visit it next week. Be sure to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the most intense UV rays we usually see here.

Overview of the week

Here is a full description of the week according to The Weather Channel. Temperatures are expected to remain at about the same place throughout the week. We are seeing a range of lows in the mid-80s and lows of 70 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

Other websites like Click Orlando News 6 …

© Click Orlando News 6

… and WESH 2 News have similar forecasts throughout the week.

© WESH News 2

Now, this forecast is subject to change. Florida has a remarkably changing climate, so keep checking this forecast as you go on your trip and once you arrive.

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Tips to withstand the weather!

So what are our best tips for packing when it comes to this week’s forecasts?

Stay comfortable in the heat!

It may be getting a little cold, but a sunny day in the mid-80s is still A LOT for your body, especially when you walk with literal MILES in a theme park. It can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you don’t prepare for the heat.

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Wear sunscreen and sunglasses, drink a LOT of water (you can find free cups at most fast service sites) and take breaks when you need to. We would appreciate it if you spent a few minutes in the shade when it means it doesn’t overheat or overheat.

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Our number one tip for a fall and winter trip to Disney World? Layers, layers, LAYERS. Florida’s cold seasons mean HOT temperatures during the day and surprisingly cool temperatures at night. This is a recipe for not dressing for the weather!

Spirit Popcorn T-shirt

If you carry a light coat in your park bag, you can throw it away when those temperatures start to drop in the evening. That way you don’t end up uncomfortable! Also, if it’s a cooler morning, you won’t want to stay with a long sleeve as temperatures rise. Our secret weapon? A handkerchief does Wonders when things start to get cold.

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And that’s the forecast for next week! As always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney updates.

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Are you heading to Disney World next week? Tell us in the comments!


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