Did you know that Walt Disney lived in a LITERAL fairy tale house?

When deciding to visit a Disney park, consider which resort you will be staying on during your vacation. But there are even some cooler places that have shaped Disney history.

Cinderella Castle

Although we dream of spending a night in desired places like the Cinderella Castle Suite, we may have found your dream location.

He OC register has shared a look inside “Walt Disney Storybook Mansion” which was where Walt moved his family after the success of Mickey Mouse. The house is located on top of a hill on Waking Way, in the Los Feliz neighborhood, near Griffith Park in Los Angeles, which is now owned by Russian film director Timur Bekmambetov.

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When the house was built in 1932, it only cost $ 50,000 in two months during the Great Depression. The designs were made by architect Frank Crowhurst with 6,400 square feet of property that included “five bedrooms, a projection room, library, pool pavilion with locker rooms and a pool house,” along with other features. Crowhurst would continue to help make the Walt Disney Company headquarters in Burbank, California.

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According to OC Register, a Snow White an inspired playhouse was even built for Walt’s daughters, which is still on the property. One of the most important reasons the Disney family focused so much on their home is that they valued family time together on great outings elsewhere. There weren’t too many parties hosted there, and Walt even frequented his home office so he could be around his family members.

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In later years, Disney would move to Holmby Hills in 1950 with a larger house that had a garden for Lillian. Although Bekmambetov still owns the Storybook Mansion, special events such as filming, weddings, occasional tours and more still take place for a high price.

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Since its construction, the house has not seen much change. The remodeling has helped maintain the original look of the house, even though the original furniture is no longer inside. While Lillian’s rose gardens aren’t on Woking Way, imaginary Tania Norris has pointed out that she’s designing Snow White themed rose gardens to complement Snow White country house.

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We just wish we could spend the night in Walt literally fairy tale house! Of course, we’ll take a look at the rest of Disney’s exciting animations and entertainment coming soon. Stay tuned to All Ears for news.

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