Disneyland Resort News: A drained Pixar dock and a spooky churro returning

Hey DFB friends! We are here with some news from Disneyland Resort.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland still celebrates Halloween with some new products and beveragesso let’s get in there!

Disneyland Resort food updates

At the center of Disney, there are four new Halloween drinks a Uva bar and cafeteria.

Grape Bar & Cafe Halloween Drinks

New Halloween cocktails include the Beetle juice, el Black cat, el Trick or treat, and the Vampire bite. They all cost money $ 15.

Grape drinks

They also announced their burger of the month right now, which is appropriately one Oktoberfest burger! Comes with a integrated beef pasta with crushed lettuce, pork Kielbasa, wholemeal mustard aioli, crispy sauerkraut, pickles and tomato.

We must also try the Churro’s girlfriend to Disneyland in the churro cart in front of Haunted Mansion for $ 5.75. It is a white chocolate churro dusted with vanilla and sugar. This one was originally launched in 2019 as part of the 60th anniversary of the enchanted mansion (with an even churro!).

Churro’s girlfriend

It is offered right now as part of their “special churros,” which we noticed a small poster in the cart advertising. The cast member told us they expected to vary the flavors, so feel free to ask what is on offer on your visit.

Construction updates

In the center of Disney, there is a Pelé Soccer Store it is now built where The Void Star Wars virtual reality space was once.

New fur shop

During our visit, we realized it was there Monorail tests all day in preparation for his reopening on October 15th.

Monorail tests

We saw each other Mickey next to the monorail at the stop above the Finding Nemo submarine voyage.

Hey, monorail!

I The Pixar dock is currently drained at Disney California Adventure. It looks weird without water! (Makes the release of Incredicoaster look scarier, eh?)

Pixar Pier

We will keep a close eye on the Pixar dock for more news.

Merchandise updates

Disney World in the center of Disney

There was a new one Halloween children’s t-shirt per $ 26.99 and World of Disney.

Halloween t-shirt

There were some, too Halloween tracksuit pants per $ 44.99. They look like basic gray sweatpants, but when you look at them …

Halloween sweats

… you will find one smiling Mickey pumpkin hidden next to it!

It’s Mickey!

With Marvel’s The eternal ones opens on November 5, there are many Eternals merchandise appearing at Disneyland, like this new one Eternals Jacket (right) by $ 64.99.

Eternal jacket and t-shirt

That Eternals Children’s t-shirt is $ 19.99.

Eternal T-shirt

There is also a new one Eternals Backpack per $ 39.99.

Eternal Backpack

There was Pines of villains gone by fear per $ 19.99 presentation Maleficent i Devil


Jafar i Iago


Hades, Pain, i Panic


… i Shere Khan with Kaa the snake.

Shere Khan

There was also a new one Vintage style bag starring the Fab Five for $ 39.99.

Vintage tote

We saw a new one T-shirt Pete per $ 36.99

T-shirt Pete

… and a new one Clarabelle T-shirt per $ 36.99.

Clarabelle T-shirt

And these adorable ones Pluto socks they were $ 19.99.

Pluto socks


Once we entered Disneyland we found this gray Disneyland T-Shirt 1955 in Emporium per $ 24.99.

Disneyland T-shirt

There are new ones Disney stuffed animals they come in a box that looks like a mix between a book and a classic Disney VHS cover. You could get stuffed animals Beauty and the Beast, Geperut de Notre Dame, Monsters Inc., Dumbo, i 101 Dalmatians per $ 27.99 each.

New stuffed animals

Disney sideboard

At Disney Showcase there was a new one Mickey Mouse black t-shirt per $ 36.99

Mickey Mouse T-shirt

..ia Goofy t-shirt per $ 36.99.

Goofy t-shirt


If you like Spirit Jerseys, you may like this new Spirit Jersey set that includes a front zipper Disneyland Spirit Jersey Jacket per $ 99.99.

Spirit Jersey jacket

On the back of the jacket is the icon Disneyland Resort logo.

Spirit Jersey jacket

And you can also get the match Spirit Jersey sweatpants per $ 89.99.

Spirit Jersey sweatpants

Five and Dime in Disney California Adventure

We found a black one Oogie Boogie T-shirt a Five and Dime for $ 29.99. On the front is a smiling Oogie Boogie …

Oogie Boogie T-shirt

… and at the back is the Oogie Boogie Bash logo for 2021, along with villain silhouettes.

Oogie Boogie Bash

And the His Universe Bat and Oogie Boogie Top era $ 39.99 a Five and Dime and Rushin River Outfitters. It has a pure bat pattern that covers a closed t-shirt with Oogie Boogie on the front.

His Oogie Boogie shirt from the Universe

And that’s all Disneyland Resort news. Keep reading DFB for all your news about Disneyland and Disney World.

Take a look at the holiday merchandise that arrives at Disneyland.

What’s your favorite news this week? Tell us in the comments!

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