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Why do you make music? There are many answers to all the artists in the world, but we can all agree that there is real magic in creating something where once there was nothing. As an artist in this modern age, you are uniquely positioned to see the impact of your art on your audience – be it on the show face to face or on social media. You can see the ripple effect of your music in real time.

Nowadays, when you put a release in the world, you are a click away from seeing how, who and where it is playing. And now that you have more access to your audience and more information about them than ever before, the question is what to do with this knowledge. How do you scale a fanbase and connect people to a deeper level? How do you use a team effectively? What opportunities can you maximize? Which route could you travel that was not considered?

For the first co-lab of 2019, we have brought together a diverse group of experts from different parts of the industry to share their insights and experiences. We hope that their presentation and one-on-one conversations will provide guidance and help you know your strategies when it comes to getting your music to more ears and taking your career to the next level.

Who’s going there?

We will have an amazing group of artists and musicians there to learn from our hostMark “Frosty” McNeil, Dublar co-founder and creative director of five incredible experts in the music and music industry:

  • Morgan Rhodes – Music Supervisor, Dear white people, Queen Sugar
  • Christian coffee – Tour Director, Childish Gambino
  • Amit Nerurkar – Founder, faceless
  • Sheryl Jeffrey – Founder, QLEEN artist relationship

Whatā€™s going to happen at Conglab: Looking for your audience?

Tips, tricks, secrets and strategies to use in your career, collection of useful resources, direct access to art experts at events, meeting other artists, some drinks and the opportunity to take your picture. . We are going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

Evening: 00: 00 ….. Doors open

Evening: 30.: 300 ….. Kick Off: A quick panel with our expert and host. This is an opportunity for experts to know a little bit before deciding what to do in a breakout, to introduce your audience search theme to them.

7:00 pm ….. Breakout No. 1: Choose your group session or office hours.

Evening :: 455 ….. Chill: Fifteen minutes between breakouts to catch your breath and grab some food or other beer.

8pm ….. Breakout No. 2: Your choice during group sessions or office hours.

Night :: 455 ….. Roundup: An opportunity for our hosts and experts to highlight some of what they discussed with the artists during the breakout and say good night.

Night ….. H ….. Socialization: You are invited to hang out in space as long as you want as long as you leave by 10 p.m. šŸ™‚

What are office hours?

These are one-on-one conversations between you and an expert. You get five minutes; The first will actually get earlier. It is a place for conspiracy, collaboration and access that would not be possible otherwise.

What is a group session?

Workshops, group conversations and brainstorming hosted by our industry experts:

Authenticity over everything: Why keep it real will always win
You know how to tap into your audience and your algorithms, but how do you use your data without compromising your authenticity? Amit Nerurkar, founder of Face-Lace Management Company, provides a comprehensive strategy on how to maintain originality and build real connections with fans while growing your audience. From how to release a project, to posting on social media, to playing a show, Nerurkar is working on exactly how to make every step of your career a reality.

Find your location through sync placements
A quick way to get your music in front of a huge audience and gain new fans instantly is to put your song on the screen. Getting your song on the right show often means reaching a whole new audience that has not been exposed to your music. Music Supervisor for Morgan Rhodes Dear white people
And Queen Sugar, The best practice for discovering your music by music supervisors, and the steps to set yourself up for sync placement success.

Three questions to ask yourself before going on tour
Before you take your word across cities, towns, states and countries, Christian Coffee believes that as an artist it is essential to know who you really are. As the tour director for Childish Gambino and Run the Jewels, Coffee will take you through the key questions to help you build your identity and key audience before you hit the road.

A spreadsheet on the table: Converting visitor data into a business agreement
Understanding your audience data is easier and more important than ever. Now, when you post a track on a platform, you know who you’re listening to, where they live, their interests + influences, and how they spend money. Knowing how to access, track, and use this data for your convenience may be the difference that helps you build your audience or gain a brand sponsorship. Sheryl Jeffrey, founder of QLEEN Artist Relations, will help you figure out what numbers to look for – and how to understand them.

There are many more incidents Co.Lab Series On the way, and updates will come, so follow Instagram And Twitter Or you may miss something!

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