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“One millimeter will become a canyon for you,” he says Kate the Good. “It’s a real lesson in patience and precision.” But while the Welsh singer and multi-instrumentalist has been a highly respected singer / songwriter for over a decade, he is not talking about the process of making music. He is talking about woodwork.

After his 2016 album Give the crabs, Le felt the need to shake things up. “I’ve been in a cycle of constant recording and traveling for about six or seven years,” he says. “In between singles records, instead of taking a break, I’ll do a record with Tim Presley [a.k.a. White Fence] Under Monica Drinks, so there was never really a break. I have built this broken relationship with music; It was ubiquitous in a way that was kind of irresistible. “

A little space, a lot of inspiration

Lee Bon responded by moving away from music to immerse herself in a completely different kind of art, taking classes for a year in making original furniture. “It’s an intense course,” he explains. “You start learning the basics of hand tools … then you gradually move on to learning how to use those tools properly through a series of projects. Then when you gain all the skills you need, you are designing your own pieces of furniture and Learn how to make them. “

But as he concentrated on the demands of this new discipline, something funny happened: Lee began writing songs. “Music was my hobby again,” he said, although the idea was still an expression. “I used to sit at the piano to relax or turn off some steam. I just signed up for the Mexican summer, which I was very excited to see, but I was writing the record without realizing that I was writing a record, because my furniture course was busy.”

Those songs have become Rewards, The first manifestation of the Mexican summer Le Forest. It’s an album that often reveals the isolation that was part of her birth process. “There was a lot of time of extreme solitude,” he says. “I enjoy solitude, but I think there are times when I’m too proud to call it loneliness. You spend a lot of time on your own and catch up with you on things that you might be avoiding. I guess it was probably aware of the songs. These are very close and personal songs, and I think that’s all there is to it. “

Le Bon admits that even the recording process was influenced by the sensitivity he gained in his woodwork. “When it was time to record,” he thinks, “it was absolutely necessary to find a way to make it fit together. It was an incident of sitting down and trying to make guitar parts and percussion parts and bass parts. Record record.” The process reflects the process of making a piece of furniture. I never wanted to do that, but it happened. “

Photo of Kate Lee Bon by Hu Evans

Photo of Kate Lee Bon by Hu Evans

The furniture is weaving to the music

After his musical batteries were successfully recharged and he jumped in again, Le Bon found his new craft a way to work within his travels. In 2001, at the annual Marfa Myths festival in Mexico, Texas, where he performed a year ago, Le Bon appeared not as a musician, but as a “carpenter in residence.” He used the time to work in a chair.

“There’s a serenity for Murphy that makes me think that making pieces of furniture would be quite meditative,” Le Mar said. Do something a little more meditative in that city. So I talked about it with the label, and they liked the idea.

The woodwork of Le Forest in Marfa was directly related to his musical passion. “The brief description I gave myself was to make a chair that looks a lot better [Reward] Sounds, “Le Bon explains.” There is nothing unnecessary on it except two huge spheres. It seems to me, my consent for croutrock is that it is very minimal and useful except for the giant bowls. ”

He is still wounded and sitting with DJing at the festival Deer hunter, Whose most recent album he has produced and served. “It was good to make my chair and, when I finished, get involved with the musical accompaniment of things but not actually with any pressure or anything,” says Le Bon.

Although Le Sister is now back to music in full force, she has created several pieces of furniture and she is finding parallels between the two branches. “The starting post for making furniture for me was to strive for precision and master craftsmanship,” he explains, comparing it to how time works in a song. “A three-second silence can feel forever if it is set up correctly.”

– Jim Allen

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