Spotify has launched the second year of the EQL Residency

Last November we announced The Equal Directory-Soundgirls is powered by a database of audio and gender incompatible audio professionals, made possible by Spotify. The idea behind this is simple: here is a resource that has been created to bring together an inclusive team that is much easier.

This goes hand in hand with Spotify’s annual EQL Residency, a program that provides an experience for growing studio engineers. From today until June 5 June at 5pm PST, you can submit your application for the position at our Secret Genius Studios in London, Los Angeles and Nashville. In partnership with Berkeley College of Music, EQL Residency is a pay-as-you-go, six-month residency for women-identifying producers and engineers.

The program, which began in September, will provide residents with hands-on studio experience, as well as networking opportunities and ongoing advice from female leaders at Berkeley College of Music. Last year, EQL residents had the opportunity to work with Ivy Quinn on a remake of her music, I want to dance.

Recognized by USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative As a solution to the lack of women in audio, EQL Residency joins other Spotify programs to support women with sound Equalizer, Equal Directory And Sound up.

Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Applications are now live and closed at 5PM PST. June 7th
  • The residency will begin on September 3rd and end on March
  • Apply here: Nashville / Angels / London

Have a question? Read our FAQ!

Can I apply for multiple residences?
Go for it!

If I am accepted, I must move. Will Spotify offer transfer services or fees?
No. If you wish to take up residence where you do not currently reside, you will be responsible for timely transfers for your first day at the studio.

I have a prior commitment (a tour, etc.) that conflicts with the dates of the program. Can I apply and miss a few days in the studio?
It will depend on the specific accommodation where you are applying. If you have a promise that conflicts, please disclose the dates of your application and we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Will there be additional funds for housing?
We are providing a stipend to compensate residents, but you will be responsible for your own accommodation, food, transportation, etc.

How many hours do I need to get for residency?
It will also depend on the studio you are working in. However, we expect residents to be available fulltime (8-10 hours a day) five days a week.

I am not 21 now, but I am 21 years old before the date of residency. Can I still apply?
Yes, but you need to make sure we know in your application that you will be 21 by September 1st.

Can we apply as a couple in this residency?
Unfortunately, at this time each of our studios has space for only one occupant.

Can I get an EQL residency in my city?
In 2019, we are only offering accommodation in Nashville, London and Los Angeles. We look forward to expanding this program in the future!

See the EQL directory.

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