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Born to British parents in Tokyo, Joan Fontaine moved to California with her mother and older sister Olivia when she was very young. He returned to Japan for school as a teenager, living with his Cambridge-educated English professor-to-patent attorney father. His cousin, Sir Geoffrey de Haviland, designed the World War II warplane mosquito. It was probably predetermined that Joan Fontaine would become an adventurer and ethereal film star.

In 1935, he made his debut on both stage and film, but the audience saw him on screen which would really take his perfect look. After Beat Parts and an anonymous role in RKO’s film, Fontaine was directed by George Cooker Women (1939). His part was relatively small again, but the comedy was a huge hit and at the time some of the biggest names in Hollywood put him on screen. It also gains his entry into the most important party.

She spoke about working with George Cooker, director of The Women: “I learned about acting more than anyone else from George and in just one sentence. He said, ‘Think and feel and the rest will take care of themselves.’

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