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Last Tuesday, Cindy Lauper entered Norwood House in New York City to shoot her episode. “Best advice.” The Queens-born singer quickly gave up the set once, blinking blue-gray eyes, and immediately began instructing the crew to make this adjustment and a tweak of light here, a camera tilt there. He delivered his instructions with a smile, in that unique draw. It feels like a masterclass on how to call her observation shots – something she’s been doing since she became a pop star in 1983 with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” For example: That demo was originally composed from a male perspective, but Lauper dropped those songs and refined the song into feminist music that continues to inspire single songs today.

One thing that has characterized Lauper’s career for four decades is his aggressive and unpredictable totality. The Grammy winner has applied his songwriting skills to genres including blues, country and rockabilly; She won an Emmy for her role in Sitcom Mad about you, And written a New York Times The best-selling memoir, and then in 2013 his many favorite, critically acclaimed music Kinky boots, Won the Loper Award for Best Original Score (the first woman to receive a singles award).

Lauper refuses to be a pigeon, his choices unpredictable, which is one of the reasons he is such an inspiration. Her industry continues to evolve because she never misses a challenge, with her foundation addressing the youth homelessness problem in the LGBTQ community. True Colors United, Or write a song for SpongeBob SquarePants’ Broadway foray (of course!). All of this is to say that when Cindy sat down to give her the best advice she could, we were stunned, and we hope you are too.

Watch more episodes of Best Advice among others, including Karen O, Christina Aguilera and Rick Ross.

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