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The new furrow of the emperor is a 2000 Disney classic film known for its unique comedy and hilarious antics.

Emperor’s New Groove © Disney

You may be familiar with the main characters in this film, particularly his villain: Yzma! We’ve seen an elaborate Yzma doll released in the past and now we’ve found another Yzma themed one. But to understand this particular merchandise, you need to REALLY know your stuff about the movie.

One of the funniest parts of The new furrow of the emperor it is towards the end when Yzma becomes a cat!

A whole scene follows as Yzma and Kuzco fight over the potion. In the end, Kuzco drinks the potion and Yzma sticks like a cat. That alone is a part of the film that you really have to work on to remember, as probably most people remember Yzma better in her human form.

Gat Yzma! © Disney

Okay, let’s just say you remember Yzma became a cat. But, did you remember that then (very reluctantly) he participated in the Kronk Squirrel Squirrel troop at the end of the film ?! We’re talking about DEEP movie knowledge here, folks. You have to really think and remember it really.

© Disney

Well, if you are a fan of Yzma, the cat Yzma and, more specifically, the cat Yzma as a Scout Squirrel … your time has come!

Now there is one Loungefly mini backpack with Cat Yzma in her scout uniform! The backpack features the mad scientist Yzma in the shape of a cat in a small scout uniform. It’s cute, random and amazing at the same time.

© Disney, BoxLunch

Inside the bag, you’ll see a pattern that shows the language of the squirrels learning the squirrels from the Kronk squirrels, along with some acorns (of course).

© Disney, BoxLunch

This fun bag is available for $ 84.90 exclusively at BoxLunch on their website or in BoxLunch stores.

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