All-stars Shania Twain, Lauren Alaina and Lily Rose join Breland in the first episode of ‘Spotify: Discover This’ – Spotify

Artists and fans across the country can prove that this trend has grown significantly in the last 50 years. This is something we are exploring Spotify: Discover it, One of us News of three expanded companies Podcast It is dedicated to sharing new insights about music, podcasting, cultural moments and trends. And in our opening episode, we’re getting a little country.

Twenty-six year old artist BrelandKnown for viral hits “My truck, ”The guest from the street joins us in the host and explores the developed word.

“We see [the ’90s] As the golden age of country music, but I think we are now in the golden age of country music, ”the singer shared in this episode. “We have to respect what has come before us so that we can move forward. And I think being able to honor that history is so significant and it’s really a great time to do it. ”

Together, BRELAND and its four guests offer an expert overview of Jenner’s history and recent trends. Artist Lauren Alaina Success unfolds and BRELAND begins the conversation with some ridiculous tips for pre-show preparation. Nashville Spotify’s lead artist and label partnership, Brittany Shaffer, Also digging into an unexpected trend: The rise of nostalgia 90s songs.

Of course, the conversation of any country will not be complete without the one and only Shania Twain. Icons ’90s hits have been included in the recent renaissance thanks to a wave of enthusiastic General Z listeners. The singer joined the episode to reflect on her expanded audience and the changes she has seen in the genre over the years.

“In my experience, every genre of music has evolved over decades and it also applies to country music,” Shania shares with Breland. “… I’m really proud and happy to be a part of it. I like to go with change, and I like to be part of change.

Lily Rose, One of the fastest rising stars of 2021, looking to the future, concludes the episode by examining the success of the modern day in the industry and the growing diversity and representation in Nashville.

Don’t miss a single moment. A unique tour of today’s country music with Break Up and Breland “Expanding the sound of country music. ”And stay with us for its premiere Spotify: Check Mike October 21 and re-launched Spotify: For the record October 28.

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