Disney PhotoPass service and instant collaboration continue with new augmented reality lenses at Walt Disney World Resort

Disney’s favorite characters and Disney Parks icons will soon come to life in new immersive ways at Walt Disney World Resort as Disney PhotoPass Service and Snap continue to collaborate on new moments of augmented photography.

Combining camera technology developed by Snap with beloved Disney stories, our new Disney PhotoPass interactive lenses create a unique magical experience that will make you smile. These latest Disney PhotoPass lenses will be available directly through the My Disney Experience app as part of the purchase of the Disney Genie + service, which will launch on October 19, 2021. Selective sampling of these lenses will also be free. using the Snapchat app. *

Have you ever wanted to turn into a Disney villain? Or cook the ratatouille with the help of Remy? Or maybe even take a step back in time and see Cinderella Castle magically transform into a birthday cake? With this amazing technology, you can create your own magic while the world around you becomes fantastic. Take a look!

Lenses are also a special way to capture memories during the world’s most magical celebration, the amazing 18-month event commemorating 50 years.th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

Whether you’re in your Disney Resort hotel room, traveling to the Disney Skyliner, or waiting for the character ride to begin, you can capture photos and videos with Disney PhotoPass lenses in your heart. While many Disney PhotoPass lenses can be used at Walt Disney World Resort, others like the Remy lens will be available exclusively in specific areas of the parks.

The fun continues even after your Disney vacation – you can also enjoy Disney PhotoPass lenses up to 45 days after the day you visit with the Disney Genie + service, including one of our favorites, which lets you recreate one of the most iconic scenes of “Lady and the Tramp.” Simply open the My Disney Experience app and be sure to try it out with your dog or cat.

At Disney, innovation and storytelling are at the heart of everything we do, and in collaboration with Snap, we’re thrilled to further transform the way guests experience their favorite stories. Every day we explore new forms of technology that help us link the physical and digital worlds in what we call the “theme park metaverse” to further immerse our customers in experiences they can’t find anywhere else.

These goals are joined by many other ways to capture your holiday memories with our amazing cast of Disney PhotoPass photographers throughout Walt Disney World Resort, from family photos in front of park icons to Magic Shots, sessions Photo Capture Your Moment and more.

The Disney PhotoPass lenses that appear are just the beginning, as we create more to enjoy in the future. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks blog for more information.

By purchasing the Disney Genie + service, Walt Disney World guests can access many Disney PhotoPass lenses in the My Disney Experience app as soon as they enter the park. Selected Disney PhotoPass lenses are only available in designated areas of Walt Disney World Resort. Other Disney PhotoPass lenses will be available in the My Disney Experience app until 5:59 a.m.th day after the day the Disney Genie + service was used; certain states and localities are excluded. Many Disney PhotoPass lenses use technology that detects the coordinates of key points on a guest’s face and / or hands and can only be used by guests 18 years of age or older who have consented to the use of this technology. Therefore, guests who are unable to provide this consent, as well as those under the age of 18, will have fewer lenses available for use. To access Disney PhotoPass lenses, you need a suitable mobile device with the My Disney Experience app with access to the camera and the location of the device. Purchasing the Disney Genie + service at Walt Disney World Resort does not include downloads of Disney PhotoPass photos or videos that were captured by photographers and attractions on board. Use of Disney PhotoPass lenses is subject to the Terms and Conditions. Subject to restrictions and changes without notice.

* Use of the Snapchat app is subject to Snap Inc.’s terms of service and privacy policy.

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