Disney Springs News: A Vera Bradley collection with castle themes and Halloween Photo Ops

Sometimes we focus on Disney World parks and hotels, but did you know that some of the BEST food and merchandise can be found at Disney Springs?

Disney Springs

This mall has Disney gift shops as well as other popular shops, amazing restaurants (some with famous chefs) and even some attractions. We went down to Springs to check out what’s new in this area, including food, merchandise, and any other updates we see along the way.

Let’s start, obviously, with the most important thing: food.

Disney Springs food updates

First, we headed to Vivoli il Gelato, known for delicious Italian delicacies. This site includes several new seasonal items and we tried some of them.

Fly the ice cream

First, we had theirs Mimosa Sorbet (which isn’t really a seasonal item, it seemed too delicious to pass up). This treat was delicious. It is made with Land Of Bacchus Prosecco i orange flavors, and there a little slice of sweet orange on top for the garnish. It was very refreshing and light, which was great for the warm day.

Mimosa Sorbet by Vivoli il Gelato

Our ice cream was $ 7.75.

We also tried the Pumpkin Waffle, which is a Pumpkin waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and brown sugar. This was a great portion, and we thought all the items were delicious. There wasn’t a ton of pumpkin flavor in the waffle, however, it seemed more like autumn spice to us.

An ice cream with sugar? Yes please!

The pumpkin waffle was $ 12 (and it’s definitely shareable).

In our opinion, our last treat was the biggest winner. Is the Mocha Caramel Bombolato, which is a Warm Italian donut, stuffed with coffee ice cream, chocolate chips and caramel sauce. As you might expect from this description, it was VERY tasty. The taste of the coffee came strong and the cold ice cream against the warm donut was pure sky. The bubble was $ 9.75.

Mocha Caramel Bombolato

At the Wondermade Gourmet Marshmallow stand, we found some more autumn-flavored candies.

Evil God

There were new special flavors, included Pumpkin species

Marshmallows of pumpkin species

Te Chai

Te Chai

… i Cinnamon apple. Each package comes with 16 marshmallow.

Cinnamon apple

And, completing our candy search, we went through The Ganachery to check out any new offers.

The Ganachery

And we were not disappointed! There are we bomb annual Passholder available, this time with the AP logo on the front.

Candy AP

Here we have seen other annual passport exclusives, such as Candy Orange Bird from a couple of months ago. So, if you are an access holder, you can now go down to buy these chocolates.

Annual passport holder sign

To wash away all the sugar, we stopped at the huge one Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs. We’ve found that most of the Club Cool international soft drinks (the soda attraction at Disney’s EPCOT park) are ready here.

Coca Cola Store

Since we are big fans of the refreshing Cucumber Sprite from Russia (which you can also find at Club Cool), we had a full drink.

Cucumber Sprite is here!

The Cool Club at EPCOT is free, though there is a paid option to sample plenty of international soft drinks at the Coca-Cola store too. You get twice as many flavors in the Coca-Cola store, and most Club Club flavors are included (except the Korean Joy flavor).

International refreshments

At the exit, we tried some Coca-Cola Tic Tacs.

Coca Cola tic tacos

The little candies are so cute with the Coca-Cola logo!

Coke Tic Tacs

All full of sweets and soft drinks, we head to the stores to check out the new merchandise.

Disney Springs Merchandise Update

It is practically mandatory to go there Disney World if you go to Disney Springs. This is a huge gift shop with all kinds of merchandise.

Disney World

We saw Mickey Mouse’s new ears from Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Vault collection here.

Vault Collection Mickey Ears

They were $ 24.99. Professional Tip: These ears make your shadow look awesome.

Our shadow made us laugh

We headed to the Shop Vera Bradley next to see the new Castle Collection.

Shop Vera Bradley

There was a pink handbag with a Cinderella castle label on the front for $ 145.

Pink handbag

We also saw some of them backpacks in this collection, included one pink

Pink Castle backpack

… i one of silver. They were both $ 160 and also included the castle decal.

Silver Castle backpack

Now let’s see if there are any other updates around Springs.

Disney Springs Construction Update

Walking through the Springs, we saw a couple of fun Halloween pictures! One was at the cocktail bar on the roof of Coca-Cola. He has some Halloween characters with fruit themes with fun signs you can put next to it.

Photo Coca-Cola Op

And another was seen by the Disney Christmas Store. This one had a 31 Halloween Nights theme (a seasonal event with 31 different Halloween movies on the Freeform streaming service), with some lanterns and sweets on the side.

Photo of Disney Springs Op

And that’s all for our Disney Springs updates. Follow DFB for more news on what’s happening at Disney World.

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