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In 2017, we introduced Spotify Ad Studio -A self-serving platform that allows advertisers to reach out to listeners on Spotify’s ad-supported experience while listening to music. Since its launch, hundreds of artist groups, labels and music marketers have used Spotify Ad Studio as part of their promotional plans. It’s a conventional addition that you’re running on a non-music platform: Audio advertising on Spotify can reach the right audience when they’re already listening and in a music discovery mood.

Labels and artist teams using Ad Studio are asking us for more insightful ways to understand the impact of their campaigns. We’re excited to launch a new set of streaming conversion metrics that will help you understand how those audiences respond to your ad. How many people who have heard your ad have seen your music on Spotify? Did your ad perform well with fans who have recently played your music or with new audiences? How many of them have saved your music in their library or added one of your songs to a playlist? Check out some of these new metrics below:

Metrics at Spotify Ad Studio

Metrics at Spotify Ad Studio

“We wanted to see this report,” shared Jimmy Brunetti, marketing VP of Crisal Entertainment Group’s independent label services company. “I really like how it gives us an indication of how deeply our ads work. It’s promising for an artist, especially a place for new artists to grow.”

While Spotify for Artists details artist groups listening to their music, Spotify Ad Studio provides another channel for promotional campaigns. You can announce a new release, or take advantage of a trending moment. And after that, you’ll see exactly how your campaign makes waves ripple through the Spotify audience. You’ll learn how visitors will engage with your ad, and you can use that information to inform your future promotion strategies. Given their importance to the artist team, we would like to propose such conversion measurements for future advertising products.

Through audio advertising, you can give Spotify listeners a taste of your artist’s voice and personality to create a more intimate connection. Just take a recent campaign that Wavo – a music marketing company – ran with Interscope for a recent Richard The Kid release. 38% of people who listened to the ad (which is a sample of a new song, including an introduction to Rich the Kid itself) went to hear the artist. And about 20% of those listeners promoted his music for the first time that month:

“With Spotify’s new advertising capabilities, we’re not just getting insights into how our campaigns are streaming, but deeper steps for an artist like how those audiences are becoming fans and adding a song to their playlist or captivating a song. These are the sacred stars of the Matrix for an artist to know, ”said Connor Clark, CEO and co-founder of Wavor.

Maria Sizap, digital marketing manager for Yap Rock Records’ independent label, agrees. “Spotify Ad Studio helps us discover new fans for artists and encourage passive fans to be more active. With the new report, it’s really exciting to see how listeners are now taking action even after hearing an ad. Gives an in-depth idea of ​​what works and how they have an impact beyond a single click.

We like to hear these kinds of success stories from a group of artists who use Spotify to turn casual listeners into dedicated fans – fans who end up in the front row of your show, buy your merchants and share your music with friends and followers with interest. Takes. Ad Studio is another tool to support what you do: create music that has the ability to touch hearts around the world. If you’re a member of an artist group with permission to view music-related stats on Spotify, you can Go to Ad Studio Learn more about setting up a campaign.

Stay tuned for more promotions as we continue to help you and your team use Spotify as part of your promotional campaign.

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