‘Lies and Deception’: Spanish Thriller Series Coming to Netflix in November 2021

Lies and deception – Photo: Netflix

The Spanish thriller series is a remake of the British series Liar Coming to Netflix worldwide in November 2021. The first ATRESPlayer premiere was released in April 2020, with six episodes Lies and deception Season 1 hits Netflix on November 15, 2021.

The Spanish mystery series, based on a book by Harry and Jack Williams, was first published at the beginning of the epidemic on the premium Spanish SVOD service, which has embarrassed only 50,000 subscribers as of December 2020. It is released in its name False But will be called Lies and deception On Netflix around the world.

Curro is behind the Novallas series and works as writer and director. Working on Netflix Novellas is no stranger to Netflix The far sea And currently working as an executive producer on a TV mini-series is difficult Safe: Return Which is scheduled for Atresplayer Premium.

Curro Novallas Netflix creator

Someone’s novallas

The title of the series is Angela Cremont who plays Laura Muna who wakes up one morning and suspects that she was drugged and raped by a respected surgeon (played by Xavier Ray). The series looks back at the event during the ongoing legal case against him by the literature teacher.

As the series tries to tell both sides of the story, you will be questioned about whether you are lying to Laura or Xavier.

Also in the cast of the series are Manuela Velasco (REC), Paco All (Stealing money), Clara Segura (Under the sea, Mikuel Fernandez (All IC is youAnd Eva Lorach ()Who will sing to you).

Reviews of the series were generally good with an entertaining column blooper in a Spanish newspaper, which says the series is “necessary” and appreciates the whole cinematography and lightens the filler.

At IMDB, the series sits at 6.9 out of 10.

The poster of Mentria is false and deceptive

Montreux Poster – Photo: ATRESplayer Premium

Will you check out? Lies and deception November 15 when it hits Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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