New keys to Netflix and Top 10: October 19, 2021

Riverdale – Photo: Warner Bros. Television / The CW

A day has passed since the delayed CW release on Netflix, with some big headlines from the network lineup finally hitting the service today. Here are the full details of the 8 new releases on Netflix for October 19, 2021.

Why show all CW at once? It’s unclear but there’s definitely been a problem with bringing these shows to Netflix in 2021. Usually, new seasons come 8- days after their end but in many cases it is much later than usual.

Today is your last chance to catch up One Punch Man Before leaving the full service tomorrow.

Don’t forget, another CW headline hit this weekend in the form of the latest season Dynasty season 2 is coming Friday. Also coming on Netflix is ​​the second season of this week Lock and key, Maya and three, And Oz Cowboy Bebop Series.

Full list of new releases on Netflix on October 19, 2021

New new movies have been added today

  • Netflix Original for a Murder (2021) -TV-14-Polish-A mother at home and an interested reader of crime stories discover the deep secrets of the inhabitants of a small town while investigating the murder of a woman.
  • Spokesperson (2020) -TV-PG-Spanish-Maria de Jesus Patricio যা also known as Marichui একজন an aboriginal woman who ran for president of Mexico, with a modest but radical campaign.
  • Theo Vaughn: Regular People (2021) Netflix Original -TV-MA-English-comedian and podcaster Theo Vaughn courtesy of some wild stories about “regular people” from his small town life in this stand-up special.

5 new TV series have been added today

  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 6) -TV-1 – A mysterious “time master” of the English-future unites an impossible group of superheroes and villains to save the world from a powerful evil.
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 3) Netflix Original -TV-Y-English-Beautiful cats, bizarre craftsmanship and colorful magic! Join kitty enthusiast Gabby and her classmate Pandi Powe as they are a team for an animated adventure together.
  • Inheritance (ason 2) -TV-1 – English-Born in a rare supernatural bloodline, Hope Mickelson attended a talented private school to master his abilities and control his evil emotions.
  • Riverdale (Season 5) -TV-1 – English-sexuality, romance, school and family navigating the turbulent waters, teenager Archie and his team become entangled in a dark Riverdale mystery.
  • Supergirl (Season 6) -TV-PG-English-Cara Denvers reveals her ability and true identity to avoid a disaster: she’s Superman’s cousin, now known as Supergirl, the keeper of National City.

Top 10 Movies and TV Shows on Netflix for October 1, October 2021

A few changes to the Netflix US chart You still hold the squid game at the top of the TV list.

# TV show Movies
D You The forgotten war
2 Squid game Going in style
3 Maid Sharkdog’s Fantastic Halloween
4 Shameless Journey
5 My name My little pony: a new generation
6 Cockmelon Horror Movie 4
7 In the dark Titanic
8 In my block Legacy of lies
9 List of prohibited items Apocalypse Now Redux
10 Five gamblers Borrow something

What are you watching on Netflix today? Let us know in the comments below.

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