Our 6 biggest takeaway meals from the first day of Disney Genie

Disney’s new planning tool, Disney Genie, released today at Disney World and we have been checking exactly how it works in the parks.

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We’ve shown you step-by-step guides on how to use the free version of Genie, Genie +, the payment program that replaced the old FastPass + system, as well as the paid-per-ride AKA Individual Selection Attraction Selections. Now that we have had time to test all the new features, we have come to some conclusions. Tan, Here are our greatest takeaway meals from Genie’s first day!

1. The value of Genie + may change

We’re sure many of you are wondering if Genie + is worth it $ 15 per day and per person to access 46 Lightning Lanes reservations. Well, we’re here to tell you; it depends. If you visit the parks on a weekend or other busy times of the year, such as the holidays, it might be worth it to be able to wait much less time to get to the attractions.

Splash Mountain Lightning Lane

And us I definitely think it’s worth it in Magic Kingdom, because the park has many attractions! More attractions means more availability when it comes to booking Lightning Lanes. You can book your first Lightning Lane to open the park, and then book another one once you’ve scanned your first trip, repeating this process throughout the day to maximize the number of trips you can follow.

“It’s a small world” Lightning Lane Sign

But, there are other times in other parks where it may not make sense to spend the money on Genie +. At Animal Kingdom or EPCOT during the less busy times of the year, you may not even see long waits in the parks.

But you could also be in a situation like the one we experienced today in Hollywood studios, where Lightning Lane reservations are quickly booked for popular walks, and the rest of the attractions had very low waiting times, so you couldn’t use Genie + to the fullest. And, since the high-demand attractions at all the parks are part of the attractions you can pay for individually to use Lightning Lane, it may make more sense for you to pay for those attractions instead of Genie +.

Toy Story Mania

Remember, this is only based on the first day. And, as of now, there were no signs or things promoting Genie +, so things could change the next day. But we do Think Genie + will be beneficial in very busy times like the spring break and around Christmas!

Please note that attractions that were fully booked before the day availability can be reopened later, so keep checking the app.

2. The goblin is smart … sometimes

Genie is a very advanced program that mixes through thousands of itineraries to make sure it offers you the best options. It’s really good recommend walks that suit your schedule and are in the lowest waiting times for most of the rest of the day. It does this through expected waiting times, which are also available to guests at park attractions.

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However, what a genie it doesn’t do well is to keep up with what you have already done throughout the day. He made us recommend to reporters the same trip they had already made, even when they used the Genie + Lightning Lane reservation for the trip.

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This didn’t happen to all of our journalists, but it did to some, so definitely keep that in mind. Genie could benefit from having a “already mounted this” button, so don’t keep recommending the same trip. You can delete recommendations, only removes the time you are supposed to save using Genie.

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Still, there are still some amazing features with the free Genie program. You can see how long the virtual queue waits now, which was not available before. Also, the the gastronomic features are amazing! Genie puts all the restoration options of the park where it is in one place, showing the next available order windows for mobiles, the available reservations and the availability of the waiting list with the estimated waiting times. It is now much easier to know all your dining options.

3. There are some mistakes

There are some errors or defects in the program we found when we try it today. For example, if you want to reserve a selection of individual attractions for the park you are planning to skip later, you must specifically look for the route you want. It will not appear on the dashboard or in the area of ​​my day in the app.

Seven-dwarf train lightning rail

You are too you can only book one Genie + Lightning Lane reservation at a time, but with exceptions. So if at 7am, when you are allowed to start booking reservations, do a Splash Mountain Lightning Lane at 7pm, you can book another Lightning Lane, but not until 120 minutes after the park opens. The best way to make the most of Genie + would be to do so make your first reservation for Lightning Lane as soon as possible, because you can book another one as soon as you scan on your first trip of the day.

So if you’re lucky, you could keep scanning and booking Lightning Lanes all day long without having to wait 120 minutes.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lightning Lane

It is also important to note that if you get one pass of redemption from a journey, which we could give you if the journey for which you have a reservation does not work does not have this rule “one trip at a time.” You can continue and book another Lightning Lane reservation. This also applies to selections of individual attractions – you can only do two per day, but if you get a swap pass for one of the individual attractions you paid for, you can choose another paid-per-trip attraction, and technically , exceed your limit.

4. You can avoid payments for selections of individual attractions

There are 2 attractions in high demand in each park which are part of the pay-per-travel options. You can pay individually to use the Lightning Lanes from these attractions and they all have different prices, which can vary depending on demand. Here’s a look at the attractions and their prices starting today:

So the only way to use Lightning Lane to jump the line at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Space Mountain is to pay them individually. But, you might avoid doing so and still start walking around with short waits. If you are a Disney guest, you have early access to the theme park at all the parks that will allow you to access it. 30 minutes before opening. You can use this time early in the morning to try to mount both payments before their lines get too long.

Avatar Flight of Passage

The only place that might not work so well is in Hollywood studios. Since Rise of the Resistance is very popular, we would suggest that the rope drop the other pay-per-view option: Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Because if you let go of Rise with rope, you could spend a lot of time in line, and then you’ll miss that morning window to take advantage of the shorter Runaway Railway lines.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

There’s also a way to avoid paying for Lightning Lane at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Because the trip uses a virtual queue system, we recommend that you first try to get a boarding pass for the trip (which opens at 7:00 a.m.). If you are not successful, you can spend the money to use the Lightning Lane. But, the only pay-per-view attraction we saw sold out was Rise of the Resistance, so you’ll probably be fine trying the virtual queue first.

5. Genie makes better suggestions if you tell her your interests

You can tell Disney Genie your preferences therefore, it offers you better suggestions. Tell him what attractions you like, the restaurants you want to eat and your favorite characters: the more you respond, the better recommendations The goblin can give you. We definitely recommend that you do this in advance, not during the start of the park day when you try to book Lightning Lanes and others. Give him all the information beforehand so he can start giving you good recommendations.

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Genie also recommends things that aren’t so well known at Disney, which is great. For example, we received a recommendation to go see Sergio, the performer at EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion, which Disney World fans probably wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s a great way to make people aware of the parks ’unique entertainment offerings.

6. You can no longer do Disney World without a phone

To make the most of your time at Disney, you must be able to use a mobile device for Genie. This is where all your dining plans and availability, travel reservations, recommendations and more can be found. So, unless you really don’t mind waiting in long lines or not knowing the less crowded dining options, a phone is very much needed.

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These are all of our most important takeaway meals from the first day of Disney Genie at Disney World. Remember, it was only the first day, so things may still change in the future. We’ll keep you updated on all the news and updates from Genie, so stay tuned to DFB for more information.

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Will you use Genie on your next trip to Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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