Rider Swap: How does it work with Pay-Per-Ride and Genie + at Disney World ?!

It’s here, everyone: Disney Genie has arrived at Disney World.

Scanning our card to enter a Lightning Lane

This means you can now get personalized itineraries and recommendations for park attractions with the free Genie (in the My Disney Experience app) and you can pay to skip the lines using Genie + and Individual Attraction Selections (payable per journey). We’ve already taken a look at how to use these features and some unexpected hits we’ve come across along the way. Now we tell you how the pilot exchange works with the new Genie.

Rider Swap is available for people who have some members of their group who cannot or do not want to ride an attraction. So if there are five people in your group and one person is not tall enough to take a trip, everyone (all five) would go to a cast member and ask for a change of pilot.

Space Mountain Rider Swap

The cast member will scan your MagicBands (or park ticket), and then most of the group waited on the waiting line to mount the attraction while a person waits with the person who cannot ride. When the people waiting in line have finished riding, they can change places with the one waiting behind, and the person who was left behind would get to ride without waiting in line. This person (the one who waited) can carry another person with them to ride (even if that other person already rode it with the first group).

Alternative entry for access and exchange of riders

Tan this process is different now that Genie + has entered the equation?

Genie + © Disney

For the most part, Rider Swap works the same way. If you only use the waiting line, it works exactly the same way. With reservations for Lightning Lane (Genie + or Pay-Per-Ride), there are a few things to keep in mind. You can’t fool the system and buy a paid reservation for an adult and try to swap with other users with the same reservation. If you want to use Rider Swap with your Lightning Lane reservations, cast members will make sure everyone walking has a Lightning Lane reservation.

Lightning Lane entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean

If you only have a Lightning Lane reservation, only one person will be able to use it, and everyone else who wants to ride will have to go through the waiting line.

Lightning Lane to Frozen Ever After sign

For paid attractions, you must purchase a Lightning Lane pass for each person who wants to ride. So let’s say there’s a group of three people and two of them want to ride Frozen Ever After. Both will have to buy paid travel reservations if they want to skip the queue. They can’t send one person through Lightning Lane to ride, use Rider Swap, and then send another through Lightning Lane with just one pay-per-trip pass.

Seven-dwarf train lightning rail

You can use Rider Swap with Pay-Per-Ride for buying a Lightning Lane pass for everyone who wants to drive.

Lightning Lane

And the person who is left behind can bring an extra person with him when he travels.

Winnie the Pooh Lightning Lane

Rider Swap has recently changed from allowing multiple people to travel with the person who was left behind to one additional person. (So ​​the first group gets to ride and then they exchange with the only person who was left behind, with whom they then go to ride an additional person.)

Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane Sign

Disney is doing quite a bit Cast members see the child or person being left behind. It’s always been a rule that cast members need to see the person who isn’t going to ride, though now this is being applied more strictly.

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