‘The Five Juanus’ Season 2: Netflix will renew and what to expect

Five Juanas – Photo: Netflix

Five gamblers (La Venganza de las Juanas) has been steadily rising in the top 10 list since its debut on Netflix in October 2021. A new Spanish-language series coming out of Mexico that resembles Pretty Little Liars is probably one of the biggest entries of 2021 but will it return in the second season? Let’s take a look.

In case you didn’t know, this new series is based on Bernardo Romero Pereiro’s Colombian telenovela la Juanas. The series was fully added to Netflix worldwide on October 6, 2021. The first episode had 18 episodes.

If you can’t dive into Season 1, here’s what you can expect:

“Five women with the same birthmark set out to uncover the truth about their past and discover a tragic web of lies by a powerful politician.”

Five Juana Season 2

Five Juanas – Photo: Netflix

Has Netflix renewed five gambles for Season 2?

Five gamblers Only one season was ordered in advance and now Netflix still needs to pull the trigger for the second season very soon. We usually have to wait 1-3 months for the series to be officially confirmed which is almost certainly going to come from the CheNetflix account.

Most Spanish language sources have concluded that there is a second season on the card but no one had any definite plans to quote the showrunner or the cast.

What does the information say?

Although it started very slowly in the top 10 of Netflix, it gradually rose to the top 10 worldwide but seems to have reached the 4th largest show on Netflix on October 15, 2021.

flixpatrol Four Juana Netflix charts

Netflix has earned worldwide points for the top five gamblers

In Mexico, where the show was produced, the series spent 12 days in the top ten as the average position was 6 at the time of publication.

Netflix US also saw the series appear in the top 10 2 days after coming to Netflix. It reached No. 6 on the TV chart on October 15th and No. 5 overall. It went completely out of the top 10 in the United States on October 16th.

At IMDB, the series has risen to the charts since its release and is currently at # 87 for the week ending October 17, 2021.

The reason we mention the information is that it often goes to make a decision behind a show renewal. A surefire way to renew a show that has been in the Netflix Top 10 in any region for 28 days.

It’s like watching Five Jauna, During a slow start, is gaining a foothold around the world.

Our verdict is that it is very possible Five gamblers Will be back in the second season.

What to expect from Season 2 of Five Juveniles

Since you know you’ve finished watching the show now, the end of Season 1 definitely sets a second season.

As SectorSine recovers so well, here are the big questions going into the second season:

The biggest question going into the second season is exactly what will happen to Victor. Victor was a full 180 under the pressure of his character but what his future is is still unclear and Sectorsine even speculates that he could be the main villain of Season 2.

They also speculate that there may be a sixth Juana in the forest who may be Victor’s daughter.

What do you want to see Five gamblers Returning to Netflix for the second season? Let us know in the comments below.

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