Underrated horror flicks for the Halloween movie season

Entity (1983)

Based on the novel Frank de Felita – which was inspired by real events – this disturbing story is played by Barbara Hershey (“beach,” “funny”) Carla Moran, a single mother of three who is suddenly brutalized by a mysterious entity. How do you explain such incidents? Is he making it? She can’t be. The wounds are there. Even her son was insulted for going to stop it.

The medical field is at a loss. What a parapsychologist thinks of a poultryist… he believes that what Curler needs is a standard time with him – a little “let’s get to know you” psychotherapy.

It doesn’t fly for Carla. The problem is not in him.

Directed by Sidney J. Fury (“Lady Sings the Blues”), “The Entity” does a remarkable job of balancing Curler’s invisible horror and uncertainty that she receives horrific treatment from medical professionals. Instead of listening to the patient, they guess and get an academic urine match, a response that is sadly very familiar in real life.

It’s not just an 80s ghost movie and it shouldn’t be ignored. Hershey should have received an Oscar nomination for her tough, emotionally taxing performance.

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