When will ‘Supergirl’ Seasons 1-6 leave Netflix?

Supergirl – Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Supergirl’s The sixth and final season has just reached Netflix in the United States with weekly episodes found in many other regions. All six asons tu now available that sadly start counting as a clock when we will see Supergirl Leave Netflix. When set here.

Supergirl Based on a superhero drama series aired on The CW and a comic-book character of the same name from DC Comics.

Starting his life at CBS, it was basically not clear whether or not Supergirl Netflix’s extensive output agreement will only apply to CW. Those fears calmed down when Netflix hit its first season in the United States in September 2011.

Every year as new seasons move to CW before landing on Netflix, often just one week after the final broadcast of their respective seasons.

During season 6 Supergirl It was a little late, it finally reached Netflix in the US on October 19, 2021.

When will Supergirl leave Netflix in the US?

Netflix has a legacy agreement with CW. One of the terms of the deal is that Netflix retains the right to stream “several years” from The CW after a series ends.

We now know that the lifetime of the show is plus 5 years later. We’ve seen that with recent removal as well Moderation For example. We’ve compiled a complete list of all the CWs expected from Netflix over the next few years.

That means Supergirl Netflix will leave the US on October 19, 2026.

Outside of the United States, this is probably a different story. In most cases, The CW leaves Netflix internationally 2 years after the final episode or season arrives on Netflix. This means that most Netflix regions outside the United States should expect to see weekly episodes. Supergirl Moved in 2023.

Where will Supergirl Available for next stream?

Since HBO Max is the new home of everything, DC will almost certainly be Supergirl’s new home from 20226.

The rollout of the Warner Bros.-owned streaming service is also being rolled out worldwide which is almost certainly where the series will land worldwide.

Would you be sad to see the last departure of Supergirl on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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