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Right now, there are all kinds of 50th anniversary merchandise at Disney World parks. But many objects have been sold out and we know that many of our readers have already visited their fifties, have no plans to go there for a few months or simply do not visit soon.

50th anniversary merchandise

Well, regardless of your case, never be afraid! You can still buy many 50th themed items online. We went ahead and found everything related to the 50th anniversary that you can connect online right now and be prepared, it’s a lot.

Most of these items come from shopDisney, the official Disney online store. And this is where the news is even BETTER, because shopDisney offers free shipping to all sites only today (October 20). Just use the FREESHIP code when you exit.

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Let’s see what you can get with all this money you will save on shipping.

First, you can catch one 50th Anniversary Spirit Jersey, which is purple with a castle logo on the front.

© Disney

The shirt has iridescent inflated letters on his back, spelling “Walt Disney World.”

© Disney

You can already get it for $ 74.99.

Click here to buy the 50th Anniversary Spirit t-shirt

And if you’ve been picking them up beautiful little nuiMOs at Disney World, it can also be achieved a 50th themed Spirit jersey for them!

50. Jersey NuiMOs Spirit

This t-shirt is basically a mini of the normal, with inflated letters against the purple fabric.

© Disney

Is it like that $ 21.99 at the Disney store.

Click here to buy the nuiMOs 50th Anniversary Spirit T-Shirt

If you’re looking for slightly more formal clothing, yes a 50th anniversary polo shirt also available. The polo has one Cinderella Castle embroidered with Mickey Mouse on the front, and there an embroidered number 50 logo for Disney World up your sleeve.

50th anniversary polo

You can already get it for $ 59.99.

Click here to buy the 50th Anniversary Polo

But not only t-shirts can have a fifty theme: there are now 50th anniversary bicycle shorts available online! These shorts are elastic and gray a Cinderella Castle label and a vintage Disney World logo On the front.

© Disney

You can get them for $ 36.99.

Click here to buy 50th Anniversary Bicycle Shorts

Since it’s fall right now (even if Florida doesn’t know it yet), we’ve also found this yellow 50th Anniversary Hoodie that has both a zipped pocket and a pocket. There is one 50th label of Cinderella Castle on the front i a large Mickey Mouse label on the back, with some iridescent letters.

50. Hoodie

You can now buy the hoodie $ 59.99.

Click here to buy the 50th Anniversary Hoodie

And Disney didn’t leave out the little ones! We found two 50th anniversary onesies – one for Mickey Mouse

© Disney

… i one for Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Onesie

Both have snap buttons to close at the bottom and are decorated with Mickey and Minnie in their fifties. You can get them for $ 24.99 each.

Click here to buy Mickey Mouse T-Shirt …

… Or here to buy the Minnie Mouse Onesie

Disney may have also considered kids with this upcoming product, but we want it for ourselves. Is it like that a golden Minnie Mouse hair bow, with decorations of characters from their 50th birthday costumes On the front.

© Disney

And the best part? It lights up! Press the center button to turn on the LED lights inside the bow.

© Disney

You can get it online now for $ 14.99.

Click here to buy Minnie Hair Bow

And speaking of amazing 50 themed accessories, you can get it Mickey Mouse plush visor online too!

Okay, that’s amazing.

We would like to believe that we would have shaken this visor in 1971 and now we have the chance to prove it. Is it like that $ 24.99 at the Disney store.

Click here to buy the Mickey plush visor

If the visor isn’t really your style, you may prefer this vintage hat Mickey Ears, which is part of Disney’s 50th anniversary vault collection.

Mickey Ears hat

He looks just like him Retro style Mouseketeer hats we all remember it! You can grab one (for old times) $ 19.99.

Click here to buy the Mickey Ears hat

And, really, you can buy yourself from head to toe 50th anniversary crocs.

50th Crocs

They have Disney characters in their 50th birthday costumes everywhere, too a logo number 50 label next to.

© Disney

You can get these dear ones $ 59.99 at the Disney store.

Click here to buy the 50th Anniversary Crocs

Disney has done the same Rebecca Hook’s 50th Birthday Mickey Necklaces, which comes in both payment

© Disney

… i or.

© Disney

They have the park icons inside Mickey shape, month some additional Disney World symbols (we spy on a Safaris truck and the Millennium Falcon!). Mickey sketches a Swarovski crystals. The gold necklace is $ 175, and silver is 150 USD.

Click here to buy the 50th anniversary gold necklace …

… Or here to buy the 50th anniversary silver necklace.

One of our favorites for the 50th anniversary merchandise has to be this one Set of LEGO Mini Cinderella castles.

© Disney

Comes with the original design of Cinderella Castle and a vintage-style Mickey Mouse. (So ​​if you loved Cinderella’s gray castle – before it turned pink, this is for you!)

LEGO set of Cinderella Castle

There are 567 pieces on set. You can already buy it for $ 39.99.

Click here to buy the LEGO game Cinderella Castle

Does anyone else remember having multicolored pens and trying to click all the colors at once? Now you can do it again: 50th anniversary style. There is a multicolored Mickey Mouse pen with 50th anniversary designs.

© Disney

The pen has ten colors: deep blue, green, light blue, yellow, light green, black, orange, purple, pink and red. You can get it by $ 12.99 now.

Click here to buy Mickey Mouse’s 50th birthday pen

And it wouldn’t be a Disney World celebration without a bunch of themed pines. There are several to choose from online, especially from the Vintage collection.

The spoon and thimble pins are truly unique.

We find a set of spoon and thimble pines, with Mickey and Disney World logos engraved by $ 19.99

Click here to buy the set of pins and spoons

… a Registration pin with Mickey and the gang.

A mini license plate, which is fun!

You can get it by $ 12.99.

Click here to purchase the license plate pin

There is also one Bobble pin set for Mickey Mouse and Friends, which includes vintage-style Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

They’re adorable – can we have the whole gang in the shape of a pine ?!

It is available for $ 24.99

Click here to buy the Bobble Head pin set

Can’t get enough of vintage pins? We have even more to show you! There is also one Fan pin, which has Mickey and his friends around a drop-down fan.

With class!

You can catch it $ 12.99

Click here to buy the fan pin

… ia Florida map pin, which has Mickey showing the location of Disney World, with a Disney World logo hanging at the bottom.

They are using this logo a lot.

This is also for $ 12.99.

Click here to buy the Florida map pin

Then we found the Tinker Bell autograph book pin

How sweet!

…Which one it actually opens to show Tink’s autograph inside.

Tink’s autograph

You can get it by $ 12.99.

Click here to buy the Tinker Bell autograph book pin

And one of our personal favorites is the Pin from Mickey Mouse photo album

Pin the photo album

…Which one opens to show an image of Cinderella Castle inside.

It opens to reveal the castle.

Is it like that $ 17.99 at the Disney store now.

Click here to buy the Mickey Mouse photo album pin

Finally, there are a couple of sets of pins and patches to complete the large selection of pins. You can get it a themed one after Mickey Mouse.

Classic Mickey and the classic logo.

We love the classic look of this one!

Click here to buy Mickey Mouse set of pins and patches

Or you can get one Mickey Mouse Club theme.

This reminds us of “The Mickey Mouse Club”

Both sets cost $ 19.99.

Click here to buy the Mickey Mouse Club set of pins and patches

Can’t decide what to choose from all these 50 options? shopDisney also has a giant box of 50th anniversary souvenirs, which includes all kinds of products such as magnets, snow globes, ears, pins, vintage maps, and more.

© Disney

We have already taken an in-depth look at the painting, which you can check out here.

Click here for more information on the 50th anniversary box

© Disney

But you can also book this box now, at the simple price of $ 500.

Click here to pre-order your 50th birthday keepsake box

And that’s the whole 50th anniversary theme of Disney World that you can get online right now. We hope you have found a fun memory of all the options.

Oh, and if you’re a D23 member, don’t forget that you can get a 20% discount in your store on Disney purchases of $ 65 or more until October 31st. Just use the file code D23SPOOKY when you exit.

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Click here to see all the 50th anniversary collections coming to Disney World

What do you add to the cart of the 50th collection of Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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