Can a Disney Genie + Ride ever be “sold”?

Earlier this year, Disney announced it would stop making FastPass, FastPass + and Maxpass and replace it with TWO new payment services to “jump the line” at popular attractions called Disney Genie + i Selections of individual attractions.

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The new systems premiered yesterday at Walt Disney World and we’ve been to the parks bringing you everything you need to know about the services. From how to buy Genie + to how long the waiting lines last, we’re covering it all. But one of the biggest questions Disney attendees still have about the service is: can a trip “run out” of Lightning Lane return times? Let’s take a look!

If you are unfamiliar, Disney Genie + is one of the new payment options in the My Disney Experience app it offers guests access to Lightning Lanes (also known as the old FastPass lanes) to 46 different attractions in the four parks. Costa $ 15 per person per day and, unlike FastPass +, guests can only make one Lightning Lane reservation at a time.

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Therefore, you can book your first reservation at 7:00 on the day of your visit and then make the next one after scanning to the attraction during the return window, etc. (with one exception for the new 120-minute rule).

The confusing 120-minute Disney Genie + rule you need to know

Selections of individual attractions is the second payment option (also in the My Disney Experience app) to skip the lines at certain amusement parks that are NOT included in Genie +. These Eight tracks are priced separately per person and the cost can vary (and will vary) depending on the date, route, and park.

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Each guest can charge up to two selections of individual attractions per day (Guests at the resort can book from 7:00 a.m. and other guests who need to wait until the park opens), but unlike Genie +, guests can select their preferred return time instead of the first available.

Lightning Lane signage

So now for the question: could you pay $ 15 per person just to find that there is no Lightning Lane return time for the attractions you want to ride?

Well, we have been testing these two new systems in the parks for the last few days and to own I noticed from time to time Lightning Lanes do will not be available in the My Disney Experience app. For example, around 7pm on the first day it released Genie, Jungle Cruise, Slinky Dog Dash, Rise of the Resistance, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Test Track AND Peter Pan’s Flight were marked as ‘No currently offers “.

How it looks when Lightning Lanes is not available in the © Disney app

And while it may cause a shock in your plans for the day, it’s unlikely that this will last all day. Instead, we noticed it many Lightning Lanes became available again after a short period of time.

Lightning Lane at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The only case in which were the return times of Lightning Lane no rested (and really “exhausted”) was in Rise of the Resistance. This is a selection of individual attractions (currently costing $ 15) and we saw that return times were not available until 10am on October 19th. i 20th.

Rise of the resistance input

A cast member we spoke to shared that they expected to release more return windows later that day for Rise of the Resistance (around 1pm or 2pm) on October 19th, but that it didn’t end up happening. The journey had quite a few technical difficulties throughout the day, so it could be the reason why more reservations were never made on these specific dates.

But so far, it seems that selections of individual attractions are more permanent when they are not available.

Rise of the Resistance a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Tan, the simple answer to whether Genie + and Individual Attraction Selections can “run out” is no. However, it’s important to note that you may need to review the My Disney Experience app often to get a return time when more are released (which was also necessary with the old FastPass + program).

Entrance Ratatouille de Remy

And then we’ll give you the latest coverage on all things Disney Genie so you have all the best tips and tricks before heading to Disney World next. Stay tuned.

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