How smart is Genie Planning’s FREE PlanningT service at Disney World?

Disney World Genie planning service NEW and FREE .T it is now available to everyone.

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The free Disney Genie service is a planning tool designed to optimize the day in the parks, will help you plan the best path for your day, show you waiting times, help you prepare meals, and more. This free service should be very smart and useful to help you get the most out of your day. but how smart is he? We put it to the test and that’s what we found.

As a quick summary, 3 NEW services just launched at Disney World:

  • Disney Genie FREE .T – the planning service that will help you optimize your day, integrated into a part of the My Disney Experience application.
  • Genie + – the paid FastPass + replacement that will allow you to select the return time to board an attraction on Lightning Lane (basically the old FastPass lane). These selections can be made 1 at a time (with a few exceptions) for 46 Disney World attractions.
  • Selection of individual attractions – Disney’s pay-per-view travel service where you pay to use Lightning Lane on an individual trip in high demand. You can buy a maximum of 2 of these a day.

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Again, as we noted earlier, Disney Genie’s FREE DisneyT service is designed to help you coordinate the day and really optimize your plans. Essentially, what you do is tell Genie what you like, the things you need to see, your existing dining plans, and so on.

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You can give Genie your best choices of the things you really want to see, so they can include you in your day plan.

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Then Genie provides you with what is essentially one recommended schedule for your day, including the recommended attractions in the order in which you should visit them, good times to visit these attractions, expected waiting times and more.

Where to go?

Genie is designed to basically integrate all your plans into an intuitive service; therefore, things like dining reservations, waiting times, and interest you have marked should be taken into account. Genie is also designed to be continuously updated as things change in the park, so you can optimize your plans.

But how smart is Genie in practice? Well, we put it to the test to find out.

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One thing we tried was the integration of Genie with Genie +. Specifically, we were interested in how Genie would respond if we marked an attraction as one of our must-haves, which would then theoretically be added to our recommendations in the Genie app. But we also scheduled an hour of Lightning Lane for this trip with Genie +.

Would Genie acknowledge that we booked a Lightning Lane and no longer recommend that we visit the trip during our normal day? Will he still show us the recommended time to visit the journey (outside of the return time) and show us that he is waiting for us?

Splash Mountain Lightning Lane

The short answer is: yes and no. We know, it’s a little confusing. For some of our reporters, it was not recommended to take excursions they had already done with Genie +. However, other journalists it still had the same recommended routes, even though they had already used their Lightning Lane pass to go through Genie +. For example, a journalist was repeatedly recommended to go to Mad Tea Party, even though he had already participated.

Crazy tea party

Basically, when you choose your priority attractions at the beginning of the day (or earlier), Genie will keep offering them to you, even if you have already been on foot. You will have to do it physically edit the list with the attractions you haven’t done yet. You can too tell Genie to stop recommending a particular attraction, It only takes a few clicks and a little time. It would be a lot easier if there was a “I already mounted it” button that we could press.

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Basically, Genie, Genie + and Individual Attraction selections they do not communicate effectively with each other with what you have already done that day, you must do make it work for yourself eliminating these recommendations. If you try to make as many parks in the parks as possible, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands, because it seems like Genie doesn’t want to recommend a day like this.

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But again, some of our reporters did not experience this. One was given excellent recommendations that filled her time in the park effectively. The only must-see trip that Genie didn’t recommend for this reporter was Soarin ’, but it was probably because she he had no time on his schedule with the other Lightning Lanes being booked.

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The smartest feature of Genie is probably the projected waiting times. Genie can take a trip between your plans that she knows you want to do and that you have time, depending on the projected wait. For example, we were advised to go by train from the Seven Dwarfs mine when it was a 60 minute wait. Now, we didn’t to want go wait an hour on Mine Train so we didn’t, however, Genie was smart in making the recommendation because this was the lowest waiting time for the rest of our time at Magic Kingdom (we previously planned to park by jumping) and had that time on our schedule.

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PERUT, this does not always happen. We also experimented gaps where we had nothing to do and Genie he gave us no recommendation, therefore, it is a kind of success or failure.

Another potential problem is that Genie gives you recommendations what time to eat in the park. This is great if you’re flexible, but some families may want to eat before or after the suggested time.

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And, following the food line, your food recommendations may change. For example, we were told to eat at Fairfax Fare for lunch later in the day, after telling Genie they were going to park jumping. But as the day went on, he changed the recommendation to Backlot Express. This is probably because Genie manages crowds and tries to send you to less crowded areas.

Fairfax fare

So, is he smart in that regard? Yes. Try to give yourself places to eat with fewer people. But it’s not smart enough to recognize that you don’t want to eat at certain restaurants. Genie doesn’t know if you like Backlot Express or not, she just knows there are fewer people than other places.

Backlot Express

What we have collected is this if you want a chill, spend the day in the park with some recommendations from Genie, it’s a good experience. But, if you try to do as many routes as possible in one day, it may not be not so great by creating this schedule for you. It will really depend on the day and the park.

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Of course, keep in mind that we tested it right when Genie and its related services were launched. All systems are subject to changes or updates in the future. We’ll keep you posted for more news and continue to share the latest Genie news so you can get the most out of this service on your next trip. Stay tuned too!

Click here to continue our first day with Disney Genie.

Will you use the free Genie planning system during your next trip to Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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