The attraction we paid to ride broke THREE times at Disney World – that’s what happened next.

Well, the day has finally come – Disney Genie has been officially released at Disney World.

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And we are still learning the inputs and outputs of the use of the service which helps customers find out what their priorities are and plan their days in the parks. Guests can purchase Genie +, which allows you to skip the line at many Disney World attractions, or you can pay an additional fee for select trips by selecting individual attractions. You’ll find all of these features in the My Disney Experience app.

But sometimes things happen at Disney World and the attractions break down or close for one reason or another. What if you paid for a selection of individual attractions and that ride is closed? Well, that’s what we learned.

This morning, we purchased a travel payment reservation for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney Studios in Hollywood. We got a reservation for later, but as we explored the trip, the temporarily closed walk.

The increase is temporarily closed

We have not received any automatic refunds for our booking. However, we have a “redemption of experience” which was basically a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance that was good for any time until the end of the day.

Experience Redemption Pass

That pass was it’s only good for Rise of the Resistance (no other attractions), and allowed us to pass through the Lightning on Rise of the Resistance lane once at any time of the day.

Lightning Lane’s Rise of the Resistance

We asked a cast member what would happen if the promenade did not reopen during the day, and we were informed would be reimbursed. But if the journey was reopened at some point (whether we mounted it or not during that time), we will not be refunded.

Rise of the resistance input

Please note: Once we get this boarding pass, We could make another selection of individual attraction for our day (normally, each guest can book up to 2 in a day). This is because this Redemption Pass of the experience was no longer seen as a selection of individual journeys into the system. When a trip is broken and reopened, it is considered “in recovery” customers with the redemption permit can purchase passes for another trip. So technically we were able to pay for a third selection of individual attraction in one day.

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Later, Rise of the Resistance reopened, and we were able to get on the trip.

It’s open!

The line was quite long for Lightning Lane (probably because the ride fell for a while), but not quite as long as the waiting line.

Lightning Lane Line

But today our luck with this trip has not been fantastic. While we were on the trip, it broke again.

Rise goes down again

When we left the trip, we have another “redemption of experience” this was also good for a trip to Rise of the Resistance (with Lightning Lane) anytime until the end of the day. And later, the attraction was broken again and we were given the third step of “redemption of experiences”.

Watch out for the blue umbrella!

Disney has said guests will not receive refunds for pay-per-ride attractions (even if they don’t), unless the trip breaks down and doesn’t reopen that day. But if your travel payment reservation is moving or unavailable, go to a guest relations site and ask about what options are available to you. Cast members may be able to help you reorganize your plans or grant you a refund based on the location of those attractions.

Hollywood Student Relations Building

Once again, Disney has said so returns are not guaranteed, even if the journey breaks down and you cannot make the reservation. If you’re never sure what you can do to fix the schedule, consult with a close cast member or guest experience team (look for the blue umbrella!) to see what options you have. Remember, this is a new process and the cast members are working and learning all the situations. So patience and kindness should really be practiced towards the cast members !!

We’re doing our best to keep you posted on everything about Disney Genie, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

Learn how to buy a paid travel reservation here

Will you use the selection of individual attractions at Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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