The cast members reflect on the family’s eternal bonds in the Family Square

“Remember Me”: These famous words from Disney and Pixar’s “Coco” resonate throughout Family Square in Paradise Gardens, while cast members once again celebrate the family’s eternal bonds at Disney California Adventure Park .

“It’s been nice to come back and work with the wonderful talent we have here,” said Andrés Cano, performer of the parade, about the return of “A Coconut Musical Celebration”. “It’s a family reunion.”

Cast member Andrés Cano, a parade performer, smiles with Miguel in the Plaça de la Família.

“A Coconut Musical Celebration” welcomes guests to the Family Square with a lively company of folk singers and dancers, accompanied by the divine Grammy-winning Mariachi. As the main narrator, Mateo recounts Miguel’s fantastic journey to the land of the dead, immersing the guests in the story of the film.

“It brings a lot of visibility to Hispanic culture,” said Josh Forniss, a member of the Entertainment cast. “A big bell rings in my heart because that’s my baggage.”

Within walking distance of the Plaza de la Familia, you will find the iconic Mexican Tree of Life and the Wall of Memory, where you can share a special memory of loved ones. Between performances, guests can create special memories with Miguel or, for those who want to explore his creativity, design paper albeit masks from the film’s spiritual guides, Dante and Pepita.

And what is a celebration without food and music? An assortment of Mexican food can be enjoyed at Paradise Garden Grill while listening to Mariachi concerts at the kiosk.

The cast members reflect on the family’s eternal bonds in the Family Square
The performer of the parade Josh Forniss poses with Miguel in the Plaza de la Familia.

The Family Square is a celebration of the spirit of the Day of the Dead, which resonates with many members of the cast.

“It’s good to see you represented and for guests to learn more about Días de los Muertos,” said Andrés, who added that his family creates an altar each year to honor loved ones.

Josh agreed and added that his family marks the party, which is usually held on November 1-2, spending time together and visiting local events. “It’s great to see everyone’s face lit up and be able to share culture with our guests … so that everyone can feel the beauty of what it means to be a strong family in a Latin home.”

Family Square is open daily at Disney California Adventure Park until Tuesday, November 2nd.

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