1971 Walt Disney World Resort Class: Meet Pam Pam

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pam Nelson, a member of the 50-year service cast at Walt Disney World Resort, and we can assure you that she is the light of Disney Event Group and beyond. Pam started working at Costuming for parades at Magic Kingdom Park on the opening day in 1971. Just a big one in high school, she never thought her career would take her to where she is today, but Pam smiled and mentioned how he came to Disney for 6-Week Seasonal Work During the Holidays to Make Christmas Money and still works for Christmas money 50 years later.

Pam currently works in the Disney Event Group office, where they imagine magical events for businesses and groups, including a full area of ​​costumes and cosmetology and even a flower shop full of delicious aromas. Pam was all smiles all day and even more so when she shared her memories of her time here at The Walt Disney Company.

From the pin of the opening day to her legacy award, Pam kept photographs, buttons and name tags to give back memories of every role she has played.

“I’ve worked on all of Frontierland’s attractions except the Riverboat. From there I went out to the parking lot, which was trams, buses, and so on. I worked in the casting for five years, I was part of the group that helped hire the EPCOT cast while providing guidance for the new cast members. Then I moved on to media production, which was a new department that moved from California to here. [Florida], and I finally found my way to Disney Event Group, where I’ve been for 25 years. “


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The Disney Event Group collaborates on customer conventions, weddings, boardroom executive meetings and more to add dust to each event. They prepare everything, from start to finish, from floral dresses to supports and graphics.

Pam told us a story about how a customer asked her to provide elaborate decorations for a holiday event. Pam loves challenges and found beautiful festive decorations for the occasion and was even able to locate a few realistic and life-size reindeer for the client. She explained how “they [clients] Always try to throw me something they think I won’t find, but so far so good. ”That’s the magic of the Disney Event group. Pam said better,“ There are never two days the same. There’s always something new and here I never get bored ”.

Pam has done magic in various roles here at Walt Disney World throughout her 50-year journey, but she has remembered how she never imagined she would work here for so long. “I don’t regret it for a minute,” Pam said. “I think I’ve never liked what I do, so how come I don’t like coming to work? I love the whole cast I work with and that’s why I have lifelong friends. They are like family. “

Pam Nelson, 50-year cast member

“It’s hard to understand that I’ve been here for 50 years. Entering this building and seeing all it has to offer can be a fantastic time for me. I love showing people this building on my own, let alone going into the parks and seeing the reactions of guests. So many things happen here, how could I not like it? ”

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