Animal Kingdom News: Primeval Whirl Construction and Disney Genie debuts

Hey, DFB friends! We are here with a quick update of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Tree of life

He The Disney Genie service debuted this week and let’s just say we had a very different experience at Animal Kingdom than we did at other Disney parks. Let’s discuss.

Construction update

The construction of the primitive eddy continues! The walls are still up and there is still part of the journey …

Primitive whirlpool

… while a large part of the journey is already demolished and gone.

Goodbye, primitive whirlpool!

We still don’t know what Disney plans to do with this site, but we’re looking forward to the news.

There is something missing on a favorite trip for fans while another is knocked down.

Merchandise updates

At Discovery Trading, we found very new pines from Monsters, Inc. with Sulley, Mike, Randall and of course Roz!

NEW Monsters, Inc. Pins

They are limited edition and Sulley costs $ 15.99, while the other two pins cost $ 19.99 each.

Disney Genie update

He Disney Genie debuted on October 19th and we tested the two new Disney Genie paid services at Animal Kingdom. We bought both Genie + i Selection of individual attractions (pay per trip) as an experiment, as both services provide access to Lightning Lanes of different attraction. When we jumped rope Avatar Flight of Passage early in the morning, we noticed that the waiting line was 50 minutes.

Pass flight Wait

Later, when we bought one Selection of individual attractions for Pass flight for $ 11, we waited roughly on Lightning Lane 8 minutes while the waiting line was 75 minutes.

We passed the Flight of Passage queue very quickly with Lightning Lane.

When we bought Genie +, the time posted by Na’vi River Journey was 40 minutes on hold, while our Lightning Lane wait time was only 7 minutes.

Na’vi River Journey

And when there was a 50-minute waiting line for Kilimanjaro Safaris, we ended up waiting 5 minutes through the Genie + Lightning Lane.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

We also found a very low 10 minute wait for the Everest expedition, while the cost of selecting individual attractions for access to Lightning Lane was $ 7.

Everest Expedition Expectation

It is very important to check the waiting times before buying a selection of individual attractions, especially since then they cannot be modified or canceled.

Here’s everything we’ve learned using Genie + and the selection of individual attractions at Disney World.

So this is the news from Animal Kingdom. Keep consulting with DFB for more coverage of Disney World and, of course, Disney Genie.

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