Can you cancel Genie + Lightning Lane reservations at Disney World?

The Disney Genie service has been launched at Disney World and we’ve taken care of figuring out exactly how it works.

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There are two paid services within Disney Genie, known as Genie + and Individual Attraction Selection, and one of the biggest questions we’ve had about Genie + is what if you miss a Genie + Lightning Lane reservation? Does the reservation disappear or can it affect the day? This is what we experienced.

Disney Genie + is a paid service that allows guests to skip select travel waiting lines and zoom directly into Lightning Lanes, or what used to be FastPass lanes. But Genie + is not exactly like FastPass. It’s built into the My Disney Experience app and there are certain rules, such as that you can’t book the same trip more than once a day.

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Genie + costs $ 15 a day and paying customers can make technically unlimited bookings, with a few exceptions.

Here is a step-by-step guide to purchasing Disney Genie +.

The other paid Genie service is called Selection of Individual Attractions (or Pay Per Trip). Note that you do NOT need to buy Genie + to pay for them). Attractions and qualified attractions are not included in the Genie + service and the cost varies from one trip to another depending on the day. While you can cancel Genie + reservations, as long as they are within certain parameters (which we will enter), you cannot cancel or modify your travel payment reservations.

Lightning Lane

Pay-per-travel options include two of the most popular attractions at each Disney park, and if you book a 16:00 time slot for Rise of the Resistance, you will not be able to change or modify this booking.

This is the difference between Genie + and Selection of individual attractions.

When booking Genie + Lightning Lane, select first time window to enter the Lightning Lane of an attraction. Normally, you can do one Genie + Lightning Lane at a time and you cannot change the booking time or travel choice. You should actually cancel and re-book another route or time to make a change.

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If you find a better time or choose a different trip, you must cancel your existing booking and quickly book the new time or trip you want. Reservations are made quickly, so you need to move quickly.

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But what if you are missing the Genie + Lightning Lane reservation? Basically, we found ourselves trapped! Once the time period has expired, the reservation disappeared of My Disney Experience i we were unable to cancel or delete it. And because you can’t book the same trip twice a day with Genie +, we couldn’t book it again either!

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There’s always the free option of going through the waiting line or a virtual queue, but you can only use the Lightning Lane on each trip once, and if you have your heart set on this trip, you might be disappointed.

Learn how Disney Genie + will allow you to ride every trip ONCE.

Therefore, if you forget to cancel your reservation and want to book again, you will need to visit Guest Relations to ask them to cancel it, which can be a nuisance depending on the lines or where you are in the park.

Relationships with guests

We recommend that you do so cancel Genie + Lightning Lane BEFORE booking expires if you know you can’t get it. If your Genie + Lightning Lane reservation expires at 19:20 and you know you can’t make it before, cancel it BEFORE 19:20.

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As noted above, this cancellation process does not apply to the selection of individual attractions (also known as pay per trip), which does not allow for modification or cancellation. YOU CAN cancel Genie + reservations as long as they are BEFORE they expire. Otherwise, you must visit Guest Relations unless you are okay to miss Lightning Lane from this attraction during the day.

How is Park Hopping now with Disney Genie?

And just to add, you can modify your group or group when it comes to your Genie + Lightning Lane reservation. If you tap “add another guest” to the I have Genie + suggestion board, you can easily add them to your group.

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If they do NOT have Genie +, you will not be able to add them until they pay for the service. And you can also remove them if necessary.

How does Disney Genie work with multiple guests at a single party?

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8 GREAT things to know from the first day of Disney Genie.

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