How can multiple Disney Genie + reservations APPLY?

Finally, we are beginning to feel like we have achieved the new, very complicated Genie system at Disney World, and we are here to help you.

Slinky Dog Dash

Genie + is the paid replacement for Fastpass and offers access to Lightning Lane (skip the row) to over 40 Disney World attractions for $ 15 per person per day. Normally, you can only book one Lightning Lane at a time, but is there any way to stack them?

There is a way to end two or more Lightning Lane attractions in your plans at once. And no, we’re not talking about paying to book Fancy Rides.

Disney Genie

One of the trickiest aspects of Genie + is the two-hour cooling rule. When you book a Lightning Lane with Genie +, you can book a new one if you use the existing Lightning Lane or two hours after the selection.

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This two-hour rule will not come into play, except in high-demand attractions. For example, suppose you get up at 7:00 and select a Lightning Slashy Dog Dash lane at 19:00. That doesn’t mean you’re locked out of Lightning Lanes until you use it at 7 p.m.

Instead, you can wait for a two-hour chill after opening the park. Therefore, if the park opens at 9:00, you can book another Lightning Lane at 11:00.

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If you made the Slinky Dog Dash selection at 7pm after opening the park, cooling begins at selection time. So, if you booked at 9:32 AM, you can book a new Lightning Lane at 11:32 AM.

Once you have booked the second Lightning Lane, the Slinky Dog Dash Lightning Lane will be held at 7pm, but you will have an additional Lane available throughout the day. If you book your new lane at Star Tours and then stroll through Star Tours, you can book another one without waiting for a two-hour cooling down. Therefore, you can continue to reserve lanes until you explore Slinky Dog Dash, keeping two lane reservations active throughout the day.

Genie + Lightning Lanes stacked

Now, having two active bookings won’t really help you a day. Booking Slinky Dog Dash is not helpful until 7pm, so the two-hour rule guarantees that people will earn their money when they want to book a high-demand attraction, as it won’t allow you to make more attractions. that you would not do otherwise.

Theoretically, however, more than two Lightning Lanes could even be stacked. If after cooling off at Slinky Dog Dash at 11am, you booked a tower of terror at 5pm; then you could book a third Lightning Lane after two hours of cooling at 1 p.m.

Tower of Terror

Now, stacking is useful when you want these high-demand night lanes, but we don’t necessarily recommend stacking as the best way to use Disney Genie. Two hours without Lightning Lanes is a long time and you may be able to get several Lightning Lanes by the time you get cold.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

But if you want a hard-to-get Slinky Dog Dash reservation, you won’t be stuck with any other Lightning Lanes while you wait. Watch AllEars for more information on Genie +.

Do you have questions about Genie +? Ask them in the comments.

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