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At Spotify HR we love to learn, and are inspired by leaders around the world who challenge sustainability.

I heard Spoton last season! Episodes with so much curiosity and joy, so I was delighted when the team asked me to host Season 2.

How proud to talk to thinkers from different businesses, industries, world performance, art and beyond. We touched on so many topics that we hope will be as interesting, inspiring and useful to you as they were to me.

In the second season, special attention has been paid to leaders who have exploited their own uniqueness in a way that no one has done before. The thing that sets them apart from everyone else is the way they have been able to draw on their courage and show their weaknesses.

Season 2 is already going well, so if you haven’t already tuned in, you already have to listen to some powerful interviews. There will be eight episodes throughout the season:

Valisha Butterfield Jones On changing culture.

Jason Maiden About servant-leadership and the intersection of innovation and performance.

Caroline Casey The biggest curveball of his life, and how organizations can move towards disability inclusion in more successful ways.

Eddie Thomason On the poetry and weaknesses of the black community.

Heidi O’Neill Maintaining an authentic and groundbreaking brand during and through its 23 years at Nike.

Bing Chen Empowerment of self-expression to build strong communities and its beginnings as a “third culture child”.

Caitlin Hallway Reconsidering HR in the venture capital industry, and working on “deep culture” in the beginning.

Oli Alexander On mental health, growing up in the LGBTQ + community, and using its platform to inspire authenticity.

As you can see, all our wonderful guests are the leaders who are in favor of justice and self-care in today’s world of adversity. We learn about the powerful moments that shaped their lives and how they disrupted ideals in their own unique way in the hope of changing the world.

Welcome to Season 2 of SpotOn!

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