Netflix Lindsay Lohan Christmas Movie ‘Christmas in Wonderland’: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix has been investing heavily over the past few years with titles like Christmas content Christmas Chronicles, A Christmas Prince, And Klaus The biggest example of this effort. In May 2021, Netflix announced that Lindsay Lohan would be appearing in her own Christmas movie that we can release now. Christmas in Wonderland Which is set to begin shooting in Utah next month.

As we mentioned, the movie was first announced in the summer with Linsday Lohan and we received a production report in October 2021 but initially did not put the two and the two together.

The Netflix tweet, which received more than 40,000 likes, said the following:

“Lindsay Lohan will star in a new romantic comedy about a new busy and damaged hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and her precise daughter after fully recovering from a skiing accident.”

In October 2021, we received a production list (without adding Lohan’s name to Christmas in Wonderland).

However, the description of production is exactly the same. What was listed here:

“After amnesia in a Sierra skiing accident, is taken by an unmarried father and learns the value of kindness and love.”

That means the previously untitled Lindsay Lohan Christmas Movie is now called Christmas in Wonderland.

The movie is being produced by Wolfpack Productions under the direction of David Wolf. Wolf’s production company is significantly behind the hit movie of 2020 Knight Clark Tie Sheridan starred. Close to this production, producer Hallmark is involved with many, including Christmas movies. Holly and Ivy, Christmas tree lane, Love, fall and order And Christmas in Vienna.

Production will start on November 8, 2021 and will last for more than two months with the packaging scheduled for December 15. The shooting will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Of course, there is much to look forward to this Christmas, with Netflix slate being the title of choice Princess Switch 3, Robin Robin And A castle for Christmas.

With these production dates, we can almost certainly expect that the Lindsay Lohan Christmas Movie will arrive in 2022 (although it was known for a long time to sit in the movie for Netflix).

What are you waiting for? Christmas in Wonderland? Let us know in the comments.

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