Paranoia and Distortion: A Deep Dive in Giallo – Episode 1

Like a book jacket, what sets Giallo apart is not only the mystery but also the wrapping, narrative, stylistic and visual trousers that are used to tell the story. As screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi puts it in the introduction to Troy Howarth’s Giello Essential Guidebook, So deadly, so perverted, Giallo “The facts are difficult to explain and its strictly logical explanation is based on evidence and details” Payment In the story. “My emphasis.

Giallo directors enjoy the artwork of the movie. They use distorted camera angles and stylized gore and sexuality to divert the viewer to their desires, simply to express what we want to see, as much or as little as needed to perpetuate the spelling of the film. A gialo paints a picture of a murderer, provides potential suspects and then sometimes uses reasonable connections to reveal the identity of the killer. At the most basic level, Giallo, a purely popular form of entertainment, aims to thrill through the language of an exploitative film, but it goes far beyond the sum of its exploitative elements. A great giallo is a temperament, a powerful cinematic combination that shocks and titillates but also an intelligent eye and self-awareness that lends itself to higher scholarly studies. The interconnection and reference within the sub-genre itself demands almost deep dips.

To understand the origins of the genre, we need to go back more than 40 years to the first proper Giello film, to see how it has formed and worked in such a unique blend.

Our story began in Germany, not Italy – on February 27, 1920, exactly. Premier of Robert Wine From Dr. Cal Kaligari’s cabinet. Film writer Sigrid Krakower cites this date as the proper beginning of German cinema and German expressionism. The combination of romanticism and modernity in the mid-1920s gave birth to a unique German filmmaking. On-location shooting brought geometrically confusing sets, artificial shadows and lighting, slow motion techniques, double exposure and unique camera angles to bright, supernatural elements to bright, artificial life.

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