Plaza Point, the new holiday store on Main Street, USA, is now open at Disneyland Park

As we’ve shared before, Plaza Point is the new holiday store on Main Street, USA, at Disneyland Park, and I’m thrilled to share that opens today at Disneyland Resort.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to take a look at the store and you are definitely delighted. For those who enjoy all aspects of the holiday, this new store is a must-see while you’re at Disneyland Park, as it’s the year-round vacation home.

Inside Plaza Point, you’ll find fun seasonal items, from ornaments to home decor, collectibles and more. And throughout the year, the store will change seasons to also show additional holidays, such as Lunar New Year, Easter and Halloween, to name a few. This means you’ll want to make a stop at Plaza Point every time you visit, not only to see the latest decor, but also to buy current seasonal produce.

One of my favorite items in the new holiday shop are the ornaments you can customize, which also serve as great holiday gifts. It’s a lot of fun to see the art in action as the cast members hand-paint a name on each ornament. And good news: ornament customization will be available year-round.

Member of the cast at Plaza Point at Disneyland Park

Want to know a little more about the history of Plaza Point? This shop owner, named Miss Evelyn Toro, offers you this cozy space. She travels the world, collects unique pieces of holiday decor as she progresses, and returns precious items to her store. The warm wood-paneled shop fits perfectly into the Victorian era of Main Street, USA

Here, to tell you more about the history of Plaza Point, there’s Disney Imaginary Kim Irvine, who served as executive creative director at this new holiday store.

We hope you have the opportunity to visit the new Plaza Point during your next visit to Disneyland Park.

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