‘Pretty Smart’ Season 2: Netflix renewal status and what we know so far

Pretty Smart Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix

It has always been touched and go for any new sitcom on Netflix. But some of them break the mold and go out of the first season and hopefully the same can be said Pretty smart. We are still waiting Pretty smart Will be renewing for the second season, but we’ll keep track of what you need to know.

Pretty smart A Netflix original comedy-sitcom series created by Jack Dolzen and Doug Mand. Courtney Kong, its former executive producer How I met your mother One of its six executive producers Pretty smart.

Netflix has struggled year after year to find success on its sitcoms, but given enough time Pretty smart There is a possibility of a great series.

The series revolves around Harvard-educated intellectual Chelsea, who moves on with her care-free sister Claire and her three bizarre and loving roommates on the West Coast.

There is Pretty smart Renewed by Netflix for Season 2?

Official Netflix Update Status: Pending (Last Updated: 21/10/2021)

At the time of writing Pretty smart Only available to stream on Netflix for less than three weeks. Netflix has yet to renew its sitcom for the second season, but we hope to know the future of the series soon.

Positive signs that suggest Pretty smart It could be renewed because it was able to reach the Netflix US top ten list. The show had only three days in the top ten, and its highest ranking was in eighth place.

Outside the United States, Pretty smart Eleven different countries are in the top ten.

What can be expected from the second season of Pretty Smart?

Claire, who recently broke up with Dave, came home and started kissing her ex-Grant, who was dating his sister Chelsea!

Chelsea were a few seconds away from walking to kiss Claire Grant. The situation makes it even more awkward that Chelsea wants to have a conversation with Grant about her emerging romance with Claire and whether Claire is comfortable dating her ex for her sister.

So expect Season 2 about the ongoing love triangle between Chelsea, Claire and Grant.

No cast members will return Pretty smart Season 2?

We would expect a majority, unless all the cast members of Season 1 return to rebuild their roles. Pretty smart Season 2:

  • Chelsea – Emily Osment
  • Solana – Cynthia Carmona
  • Claire – Olivia McLean
  • Jaden – Michael Hu Rosen
Supportive role
  • Grant – Greg Sulkin
  • Tiffany – Faithful love
  • Jane – Alexandra Scott
  • Johnson – Robert Bellucci
  • Nabila – Santana Dempsey
  • Toffer – David Gridley
  • Aaron – Kyle Jones

When can we expect to see a second season on Netflix?

Any discussion on the release date without officially renewing the series will be speculated at this time. It also depends on whether more episodes of Pretty Smart were filmed and whether future releases are already planned.

If Pretty smart Returning for season 2, we hope to see one

What do you want to see Pretty smart Returning to Netflix for the second season? Let us know in the comments below!

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