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Is it worth paying Express Pass when concentrations are low? Many casual travelers to Universal Orlando intelligently decide that paying for a Premier resort that includes unlimited Express Express will save you money compared to buying Express Express separately daily. This is usually a good thought process. Still, combined with other standard tips on theme parks, “savings” may not be worth it during the slower days. This fall, I spent 15 days on site at Universal Orlando and had Express Pass every day to see if it saved time.

A common wisdom when it comes to theme parks is to show up early. If you have early entry to the park, use it. In my experience from about last month, the first birds and slow levels of crowding may make the Express Pass unnecessary. In comparison, an average daily price for an unlimited Express Pass for both land parks was about $ 150 a day. If you had bought this week in advance, you would have gotten it for about $ 100 a day. What if you don’t have to buy this and can avoid long waits? For the rest of the article, I will just give you the solid data accumulated and allow you to decide what you would do with the money from your theme park. Some single pilot tail data will also be included for comparison.

I want to make a big legal notice. The specific period I’ve been through has been unusually slow at all the theme parks in the Orlando area. Coming at different times can lead to different experiences.



WEATHER: There were some rainstorms in the afternoon and evening that reduced the crowds

This day, I used Incredible Hulk Coaster as a test attraction, as metal cabinets and detectors make time with the Lines app harder. During the early hours of the park opening, Express Pass was basically accessible, the single pilot waited a few minutes and the standard queue averaged an actual wait of 10 minutes. During the afternoon before the rain, the actual wait in the standard queue was never more than 15 minutes. Express developed a wait but never more than 10 minutes.



WEATHER: Some afternoon rain

During the morning hours, the queues waiting for Incredible Hulk Coaster were very low. The Express queue was up and running, but at the same time only 45 people were waiting in the standard queue. The single pilot was only slightly slower than the Express queue. When I re-assembled this attraction in the afternoon in a group of 3, we entered the queue for Express and walked through the attraction. At the same time, only two people were in line for a single pilot waiting. The wait was so low that vehicle operators did not fill all the rows. The actual standard queue waits were about 10 minutes in the middle of the afternoon.


MULTIPLE LEVEL: 2 out of 10

WEATHER: Some afternoon rain

For the Hulk, waits on Express and single-pilot queues were 5 minutes or less. Standard queue waits were about 12 minutes. Also, that day around noon, the Men In Black attraction was on foot for a single pilot and Express never lasted more than eight minutes. The standard queue was about 15 minutes long.


FINE LEVEL: 5 out of 10

WEATHER: Some periodic rains in the afternoon with light and constant rains in the evening

That day I rehearsed during the morning and afternoon hours at Incredible Hulk, and the queue of expressions was 11 minutes on average. The average wait for a single pilot’s tail was 15 minutes. The standard queue was 28 minutes on average.



WEATHER: Hey, it’s Florida, so there’s some rain in the afternoon, but I tried it in the mornings.

Yes, I know I skipped Sunday. I took this day off from the most important theme park fun since I went to HHN30. These days, the morning hours were low waits. For Incredible Hulk Coaster, the Express queue has averaged 11 minutes from placing items in the closet to picking them up. The tail of a single pilot was 2 minutes longer on average. The actual standard queue was about 25 minutes from the time the cabinet was left until the locker was picked up.


MULTIPLE LEVEL: 2 out of 10

WEATHER: Partly cloudy

Single-pilot queues closed at Universal Studios Florida two hours before the park closed. In addition, the Express queue was awkwardly channeled in the first part of the standard queue at Rip Ride Rockit and the Mummy. This led to 15-minute waits when a standard 15-minute wait was posted for both attractions. At Incredible Hulk Coaster, near the park that closes to Islands of Adventure, the quick wait was less than 10 minutes. However, the standard queue was about 20 minutes of actual waiting. The winner of the short waits was the only queue for riders there was, basically basic. I made three trips by individual pilot queue to Hulk at the same time as one trip, even though I was queuing Express.


MULTIPLE LEVEL: 2 out of 10

WEATHER: wet (even for Florida)

This was my last day of testing important attractions. The Mummy’s attraction made a short wait in the standard queue until 11 a.m. The park officially opened at 8 p.m. In Men in Black, the standard queue was just waiting a little longer than the Express queue. All the other attractions tried were like the days before.


A quick reminder that Express Pass won’t help with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures motorcycle adventure and Jurassic World VelociCoaster. If you plan to use early admission to the park and / or drop the ropes with parks during a slower audience level, Express is not required. If on holiday, during the slowest season, you spend the afternoon in the hotels of your resort with an evening return, it is possible that Express will misuse you money. Based on my experience, especially with the ability to use an individual pilot queue if necessary, I would not pay for the Express Pass during this time of year. Overall, during those 15 days at Universal Orlando, I’ve been to VelociCoaster 16 times, Attraction of Hagrid 8 times, Incredible Hulk Coaster 45 times, Mummy 27 times and Men in Black 21 times. If you need to enjoy attractions more than that, maybe Express will help you.

One of the reasons I may think you should have Express during the slow season is to take a day trip. The other reason is that I don’t feel like waking up early and planning to tour during the busiest times of the day. Instead, it would save you hundreds of dollars with a good travel plan with the Lines app taking a break every afternoon. No matter how you choose to tour the parks, happy ride!

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