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Two full days of Genie testing in the books. Really only two full days have passed ?! We still follow our testing plan (and we have three more days of testing, don’t worry), but we also present literally hundreds of questions on the blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today, then, we dedicate this post to the questions we have received and at least tried to answer. This can repeat some things to our frequently asked questions about Genie or first day information, and it can have new information or correct some things we think we knew. Here we come!

Definitions to remember

Follet = “free upgrade” to the My Disney Experience app. It will plan your day (a bit) and show you the currently posted waiting times, as well as advertise you charges, almost all the time.

Lightning Lane = a prioritized attraction queue that aims to provide a shorter wait time than the queue. For those who have visited the parks in the past, it is the new name of the FastPass + line.

Genie + = $ 15.98 per person per day surcharge that allows you to book the next Lightning Lane return time to many attractions, without ignoring the waiting line.

Lightning Lane individual (ILL) Access = two attractions in each park have Lightning Lane but are not eligible for Genie +. Instead, you have to pay separately and individually to schedule a time to use Lightning Lane and skip the queue.

Questions about DAS

** There will be an upcoming post dedicated to the “new” DAS and its interactions with Genie, so this is just a first attempt at answering some of the most common questions we receive.

Q: How does DAS work with Genie +?
A: They are independent, so you can make DAS, Genie + and ILL reservations at the same time.

Q: Does DAS cancellation work like Genie’s?
A: No, you cannot cancel DAS bookings from the app. You must go to the attraction or to a service umbrella for guests.

Q: Is the DAS limited to one reservation per attraction per day, like Genie?
A: No. You can get return schedules to the same attraction if it is repeated all day if you wish.

Q: Are DAS return times one-hour windows like Genie?
A: No. DAS return times are start times, but they are open. Therefore, you can return at any time after the “start time”.

Questions about Park Hopping

Q: Can you buy ILL for amusement in a park you want to jump into?
A: Yes! But you will only be provided with return times starting from 14:00. You can select the remaining return times after this point.

Q: If you buy Genie + in the morning, but want to go to a second park, do you have to buy Genie + again?
A: No! Genie + covers all day, so you can use it to book return times to any of the parks you visit that day.

Q: If I’m jumping into EPCOT, will I be able to join Remy’s virtual queue, or is ILL my only option?
A: Recently, the 1pm drop boarding passes weren’t 100% claimed before 2pm, so you’ll probably have a chance to try one once you’ve jumped.

Q: When can I buy Remy ILL if I am jumping on EPCOT?
A: As soon as you are eligible. It’s 7 in the morning if you are invited to the complex and to the opening of the EPCOT park if you are out of place.

Questions about booking return times

Q: ILLs are booked very quickly, so I have to get up at 7am to book them if I want to ride?
A: Right now, the only ILL that has been booked is Rise of the Resistance and is booked early in the day. The others have been available all day.

Q: Do we need to use our first ILL purchase before we can book the second for the day?
A: No! You can book both at any time, including early in the morning. Both can be in the same park or in two different parks.

Q: Can you choose the time of your first Genie + return, as if you plan to arrive at your first park in the afternoon?
A: No, for Genie + attractions, you can only select the next available return time.

Q: What if I book a Slinky Dog Dash return time from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., at 9 a.m.? Am I stuck the rest of the day?
A: No, you can make another Genie + reservation after playing Slinky Dog Dash, OR 120 minutes after making the first reservation after the park opening or 120 minutes after the park opening. Therefore, if the park opens at 9 am and make your reservation, you can make another reservation at 11 am.

Q: Are all return times “released” at once, or are some held and released throughout the day?
A: For the most part, everything is “released” at once, but aside from Slinky Dog, most attractions aren’t booked early in the day, at least on those fall days with few people. The only warning is Rise of the Resistance, where some ILL inventories seem to “hold back” at 7 a.m. to give off-site visitors a chance to book it when the park opens.

Rise Stormtoopers

Q: Do I have to leave the trip of my first Genie + reservation before receiving a second one?
A: No! As soon as you access this first booking, you should be able to get a second one, so you can do it while you wait to ride.

Q: I stay out of place. Will Rise be booked until you have a chance to book it?
A: Right now, Disney is offering some Rise steps at 7 a.m. to make guest stays, but it also keeps and delivers more in the open park. So you should have a chance.

Q: Can I book return times over and over all day for the same attraction?
A: No. A return time for attraction, per day.

Questions about arriving late or losing reservations

Q: Are return times specific, or a time band?
A: There are return windows, for example, from 10:15 to 11:15. Currently, attractions have 1-hour return windows and scheduled shows have 15-minute return windows.

Q: Is there a “penalty” for booking a Genie + return time, but not using it?
A: Losing return time works the same as using it, so if you lose it, the only downside is that you can’t take another return time for the same attraction the rest of the day.

Q: If I am 5 (10, 20, 60) minutes late in my purchase of Genie + or ILL, will I still be able to use it?

A: We have confirmed that when you tap, you will be automatically entered into Lightning Lane from 5 minutes before the return time opens up to 15 minutes after the return window closes. Beyond that, it depends on the cast members. We tried 17 minutes late and were allowed to enter, and we tried 71 minutes late and were not allowed to enter (and we were not refunded the purchase of ILL).

Q: Can I cancel a Genie + reservation if I realize I can’t make it?
A: If it is before the return time closes, you can cancel it and book it again immediately for the same attraction or another.

Questions about logistics

Q: Do I have to wait until 7 in the morning to buy Genie +?
A: No. If you want it during the holidays, you can add it to the package before you travel. If you want to buy it for individual days, you can do so from midnight on the “previous night” you want to use. Or you can wake up at 6:50 and buy it and be ready to book your first hour back at 7 p.m.

Q: What if an attraction breaks down for the rest of the day, if you bought ILL?
A: From now on, if the journey does not work during the purchased return time, the return time will be extended until the end of the day. If you remain inactive for the rest of the day and go to Guest Relations, you may be provided with a gift card for the value of your purchase.

Q: Can you buy ILL from anywhere (geographically) when the park opens, or do you have to enter first?
A: Resort guests can purchase ILL from anywhere at 7 p.m. Off-site guests have to wait until the park opens, but they can still shop from anywhere.

Q: Can Genie + or ILL be “sold” for that day?
A: It has been said that anyone who wants to buy Genie + can buy Genie +, but the return times are reserved for popular attractions. For example, Genie + was not available for Slinky Dog Dash on the first day for anyone trying to book it after 11am.

Q: Can you buy Genie + before arrival?
A: If you have a vacation / ticket package, you can add it to your own whole trip before arriving. Otherwise, it is a daily purchase from midnight or after the day you want to use it.

Fuel bar kiosk

Various questions

Q: How does Genie affect battery life?
A: Right now, we only have anecdotes, but there have been several reports throughout the day of batteries running out quickly. Using Genie requires a lot of screen time.

Q: Will Genie + and LL work during the early hours of entry and extended evening?
A: From what we’ve seen so far, no, they won’t. Only “normal” hours of the park.

Q: What the hell does a Genie + reservation really get for a program?
A: If you get close to the beginning of the window, you will be able to enter earlier than other guests and therefore you could get better seats.

Q: What does the availability of return time throughout the day look like?
A: It’s only been two days, so grab that answer with a grain of salt. The only attraction that sells quickly is Rise of the Resistance. The only trip booked for Genie + decently at the beginning of the day is Slinky Dog Dash. The vast majority of other attractions have return schedules available throughout the day at the park, up close.

Ongoing questions

Q: What is the capacity of LL vs Standby?
A: We are actively working on collecting some of this data to find out.

Q: Initially, does Genie + seem “worth it” to all parks?
A: It’s hard to say based on just two days, but so far it’s much easier to make good use of Genie + on MK and HS than on EP and AK. Much more to come as we collect more data.

Q: How does this time affect waiting times?
A: Two days have passed. Statistically, officially, too early to tell. Anecdotally, the waiting times have not doubled or anything like that crazy.

Q: Is Genie + really worth it?
A: Well … this is really a matter of personal opinion. But I would be willing to bet we will try to calculate it as we collect more data.

Q: When will Genie come out at Disneyland?
A: No official date, other than the one I was supposed to spend 2-3 weeks after Disney World, if all went well.

Q: What are the results of a face-to-face Genie / Touring plan?
A: Look at you, thinking ahead. We will do several face-to-face tests on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (21/10/23). We will be on YouTube Live at 4pm East on 10/21 to review the results of the first showdown. Do not miss it!

We are sure there are many more questions. Leave them here if we haven’t been able to answer them yet and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

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