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On October 1, listeners were ready: Halloween-based streaming jumped almost 100% on the first day of the month of Spokieist compared to the previous day. And with over 2.9 million user-generated Halloween playlists to choose from, it’s safe to say that Spotify has haunted season sounds. So whether you’re streaming cult classics, finding new spooky songs, or looking for podcasts to give you a goosebump, Spotify has something for everyone.

Cheerful Halloween streaming

This October, we noticed that all-time Halloween classics are active again, with streams significantly speaking compared to the previous month. “Monster Mash, “For example, increased 350%, and”This is Halloween“From Two Night Dreams Before Christmas Increased by 280%. However, there are some new “tricks” on the block: recent popular songs added to the Halloween playlist include “Stranger thingsBy Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein; “Bad guyBy Billy Hilsa; “Black magicBy A little Mix; “Appropriate CreatorBy Lana Of Ray; “Sweet but psychoBy Ava Max; And “Get the ghostBy An $ AP Forg, Mark Ronson And Emotion Hole.

And finally, when it comes to real crime and horror podcast content, the western states of the United States – including Wyoming, Montana and Utah-We were among the top in the country for streaming horror themed podcasts (related to listening to their overall podcast).

Our Hawlin Halloween Hub

Not sure where to start? We brought it back Halloween Hub, To take you to the soul with a spider web of curated ingredients. In addition essential Halloween music Headbanger Halloween, Call or tact, And Scary festival, There will be speculative podcast playlist curation from Hub’s choice Benito Skinner, Stephanie Soe, Lay Lane and Snitchry, Ashley Flower, And The last podcast on the left. If you are looking for editorial podcast playlists, go there too Haunted story, Unsolved crimes and mysteries, True crime scene, Or Conspiracy theory.

The True True Crime Scene Hub

We have refreshed ourselves True Crime Scene Hub Featuring new podcast content, new podcast playlists, terribly hesitant pop culture podcasts, real crime series and much more, such as themed episodes from the show. Crime Movie Club. While you are there, see us Haunted story The podcast playlist, where we are counting 31 horrible ghost stories, one every day, until Halloween.

Don’t be a ghost in the greenroom

Finally, Spotify Greenroom is getting a glimpse of the scary season with a week of Halloween celebrations, including live, interactive programming, with conversations about everything from scary movies to conspiracy theories to real life ghost encounters. In addition to the real crime show in Spotify Greenroom Crime Movie Club And True Crime Rewind, See pop culture plot-centric Popspiracy And mysterious Ask Tarot, Which is always perfectly ready to celebrate Halloween. Spotify Greenroom Available for download On iOS and Android devices.

Can’t get enough cowardice? In honor of the season, there are some shows here, including special or themed Halloween episodes or the Greenroom Live Room.

October 19:

  • Crime show, “A ghost story”
    • The headline the next day was “The cause of the fire suspected to be the ghost that killed the two.” A parapsychologist went to the scene to investigate.

October 25:

  • Obsessed Live Halloween Podcast
    • Hosts Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Baron have a lot to offer Talking about everything when they become “obsessed”. This special Halloween episode with guest Kim Petras was taped in front of a live studio audience.
  • A homosexual in life Spotify Greenroom 8pm ET / 5pm PT
      • Hosts Garrett Clayton and Blake Knight discuss the importance of Halloween in television and film images of “gay villains” and in the LGBTQIA community.
      • Ben Mandelkar and Ronnie Karam have talked about all the unforgettable “horror” moments of “Real Housewives” and other Bravo fan-favorite franchises.
    • Comedian John Gabros has smashed the much-anticipated releases of “Dunn” and “The French Dispatch” as well as the best and worst horror movies of all time.

October 26:

  • We have said what we have said, “Ghost Story”
    • Join Tricky and Deadgel for a haunting episode on all of Halloween. Favorite scary movie! Supernatural! Costume! Listen if you have the courage.
  • Rewatchables
    • Host Bill Simmons returns to Haddonfield, Illinois Michael Myers 1978 Classic Halloween.
  • The story of the campfire Spotify Greenroom Series Premier – 11pm ET / 8pm PT
    • Sabrina and Karin Two daughters, one ghost The podcast debuted in their Spotify Greenroom, sharing their own scary ghost stories before inviting viewers to share themselves.
  • Creepihunter Premier (Spanish)
    • This new Spotify original podcast from Mexico is a fantasy Julio Rojas, Creator of chart-topping Chilean podcast, Case 63. Horror fans will be on the edge of their seats as a group of friends will encounter a mysterious creature in a cenot (pool or cave) on the Yucatan Peninsula and discover another mysterious organization.

October 27:

  • Not the past“Who killed Harry Houdini?”
    • For nearly 100 years, theories have been disputed about the famous Stuntman’s 1926 Halloween death. Really, he didn’t die as a result of one of his stunts. In fact, some believe that Houdini was really killed by angry mobs … the media or spiritualists.
  • Let’s get medicalSpotify Greenroom Series Premier – 10pm ET / 7pm PT
    • The twins Dr. Desmond and Darren Sutton have shared their crazy stories from the scariest night of the year on ER.

October 31:

    • Adolescent Therapy Live – Spotify Greenroom 9pm ET / 6pm PT
      • Us Adolescent therapy Halloween Halloween dives the host into everything! Be prepared for costumes, parties, embarrassing memories and feelings surrounding fear and phobias.
    • A weekly podcast hosted by Ismail Mandez that tells the urban legends, stories and horrors that have given Mexico its cultural identity.

Still looking for your wardrobe? Try Stephanie Sue’s spooky vampire playlist for size.

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