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Along with the new Genie system, there are changes, dare we say updates, to DAS (Disability Access Service) policies. Last week we talked to you about DAS Advance and the new features, and this week my son, Ben, and I have to give it a try.

We had DAS Advance Selections because after waiting 6.5 hours for live chat we were one of the lucky families we were able to spend. Currently, DAS Advance Selections is only available for visits as of November 1, 2021.

Start by telling yourself that if you’re not comfortable with the technology, you may still be using DAS in person.

For guests who want to make time back with their smartphones instead of going to the attraction or a blue umbrella, this is how it works.

  1. Before you get to the park, make sure your iOS system is up to date. (Check the night before because this update may take a long time). Also, make sure you have a My Disney Experience account and that your app is up to date.
  2. If you have a current DAS (either by pre-registration or if yours is still up to date) after entering a park, the My Disney Experience app page will have a box added with the new DAS logo. (To find more pages, tap the 3 lines at the bottom of the screen.)
  3. When you click the DAS button, a list of all attractions with their current timeouts will appear. Click on your choice.
  4. The next screen will show the return time. If this works for you, click the button. If you also have the Genie +, you will see a return time and an LL button, click on the DAS.
  5. Then a screen will confirm your party.
  6. Then go to the attraction and usually tap on Lightning Lane and back to the second point of contact. (The jungle cruise is an exception; address members of the cast with iPads near the handicapped sign).

Questions and answers

Q: I’m home trying this and I don’t see the DAS button. What am I doing wrong?

The DAS button will not appear unless you are in the park and have a current DAS.

Q: I made an advanced DAS selection before our visit. Do I have to wait to use them before I can get a DAS return time at the park?

No, DAS Advance and DAS return times are two different things. You can have two advanced DAS selections, a DAS return time and a Lightning Lane at the same time.

Q: I am in the park during the early holiday seasons and will not be allowed to do a DAS. Is it a mistake?

The park must be open to do a DAS; this was also common in the face-to-face form.

Q: I did a DAS Advance Selection but didn’t know my sister would accompany us. She is at our DAS party, can she be accompanied anyway?

Unfortunately, only pre-selected members can join. But they are welcome at any time back throughout the day.

Q: Can I use the DAS on attractions that have individual lightning-fast streets, such as the Seven Dwarfs and Rise of the Resistance mine train?

Yes, all attractions with one waiting line are available with DAS.

Remy currently has a virtual queue and you need a boarding pass or Lightning Lane.

Q: Genie + will not allow you to use Lightning Lane for the same attraction more than once a day. Can it be mounted multiple times with DAS?

Yes, there is no frequency limit with which you can drive with DAS.

Q: Can I use Genie + with DAS?

Yes, Genie + and the DAS system work together. For guests who use DAS and look more like the structure, Genie + will be a struggle. Obviously, there is no need to spend on the attractions of Individual Lightning Lane.

Q: Genie + has a defined return time. Does the DAS have a strict return time?

The advanced DAS selection has a time period of one hour. Be careful when chatting with the cast member and setting them up.

A DAS return time has no end time.

Q: Can anyone at the DAS party schedule a return time?

Yes, anyone in the match will have the DAS button on the page plus.

Q: Can I do a DAS for another park if we are jumping in the park?

No, you have to be in the park to do a DAS.

Q: My sister is about to join us, but she’s not in the park yet, can I do a DAS for her?

Yes, we were able to make an hour back for my daughter before she arrived. We couldn’t do it with a Genie + Lightning Lane.

Thoughts …

Overall, I’m very happy that you can request a return time on the phone instead of running through all the parks to get one in person. I had a couple of initial issues that I understood were solved and that if everything works the way it was designed, it’s great.

DAS early registration times should be MUCH shorter, but the concept is fantastic. I love that you can avoid a line at guest services. It’s wonderful that you can answer delicate questions about why you need a DAS in the privacy of your home rather than in front of a grumpy line of people. I also think DAS Advance Selections is a fair and unexpected response to the loss of schedule and routine that FastPass + provided.

I think the changes to DAS are definitely an upgrade.

Do you have any ideas or questions about the new DAS procedures? Let us know in the comments.

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