Review: We cheated with plastic cheese at Disneyland … and we liked it

Even though the holiday snow is already in Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle, we’ve seen a couple of holiday products arrive in the parks and a new holiday shop has opened. it’s still TECHNICALLY HALLOWEEN SEASON!

Happy Halloween from Disneyland!

We’re still trying out some of the amazing Halloween snacks at the resort, and we just found one that may seem basic at first, but it’s so much more.

The snack is Spicy pumpkin fritters – and yes, we know, EVERYTHING is pretty much spicy pumpkin at this time of year (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!). We already had pumpkin fritters at Disneyland, but in 2013 they were pumpkin fritters with real pumpkin chunks. The ones we have today are a little different.

More pumpkin seasoned stuff

These little round dough balls look a little basic …


… but listen to us. We actually liked these fritters more than we thought! These fritters did not have an overwhelming seasoning. There’s a bit of a pumpkin flavor, but we actually tasted more of a cinnamon flavor when we bit.

Not too spicy pumpkin

And you can barely taste the pumpkin after dipping in this cream cheese !! Yes, donuts are served with one Cream cheese cheese sauce, and that’s what really made this snack go up! You know we like to dip quite a few snacks in cheese, right? Except this time we’re not looking for plastic cheese, it’s cream cheese! 😉


These simple fritters with their delicious cream cheese sauce are actually one of the best Halloween snacks we’ve had at Disneyland this year.. If you want to try them yourself, they are available right now at Veranda on Carrer Reial per $ 5.99.

Spicy pumpkin bun

We’ll keep trying more of the Halloween delights at Disneyland, so stay tuned for more reviews.

There are marshmallow-covered churro “Hot Dogs” at Disneyland Resort. More information here.

What is your favorite Halloween flavor? Let us know in the comments.

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