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True, we have finally reached Halloween week! The decorations are over, the delicacies are full and we are READY to end the spooky Disney-style season. If you are celebrating your vacation at Disney World, you may want to check out our FULL WEATHER UPDATE for next week!

Weather forecast

According to The Weather Channel, this week offers us a wider range of temperatures than we’ve seen since spring. There are some HOT days and some downright comfortable ones as well. Spoiler alert: There’s even a night in the 50’s!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Last week we saw temperatures a little lower, but this week will definitely bring us more of the fall temperatures we expected to arrive. Let’s take a look at the predictions so you’re ready for your Halloween week trip.

October 25th

Monday, October 25th will start the week with temperatures that are consistent with what we’ve been seeing, but don’t get used to it! The week starts hot, but will cool down significantly.

© The Weather Channel

There is a small chance of rain in the forecast for Monday, but it should be a mostly dry week. You may just have to dodge the weird shower. As always, a raincoat never hurts Orlando.

October 26th

The next day October 26th it provides us with a similar forecast with the highest temperatures of the week during the day. We haven’t seen a day that touches 90 degrees in a long time, so he’s sure to be a scorer for the fall.

© The Weather Channel

You will notice that there is a drastic drop in temperatures to lows. It’s a complete 23 degree difference between high and low. It might be a good idea to pack a coat in case it gets a little cold once the night is over.

October 27th

Wednesday, October 27th, we will see that times fluctuate a little again, but not too much. So we will see heat from the 80s in the hottest part of the day. Its minimum will stay at 72 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

For most of the week, we should see a good mix of clouds and sun. Hopefully, this means we will have beautiful days without it being too bright.

October 28th

For thursday October 28th, we see a small drop in temperatures to 80 lows and a night at 63 degrees. Wow! It’s a cool night!

© The Weather Channel

On this day you may also notice some storms during your Disney day. We recommend that you stroll through the must-see outdoor attractions like Test Track or Slinky Dog Dash in the morning. These storms can appear and close your favorites.

October 29th

The week continues with ANOTHER drop in temperatures during the day and at night October 29th. This is probably the first week of the year when layers are a must.

© The Weather Channel

The 60 degrees may not seem as cold depending on where you come from. But, if you wear short sleeves and 80 degree shorts all day, you will be amazed at how cold those 60 degrees feel.

October 30th

Saturday, October 30th brings us the BEST temperatures of the week! OH MY GOODNESS. 58 degrees ??? That leaked us!

© The Weather Channel

When making the package for the night, keep in mind that the sun is setting a little earlier than it has been. This week’s days tend to start around 7:30 AM and the sun sets around 6:40 PM.

October 31st

And we will end the week October 31st with even cooler temperatures and a beautiful sunny day and mixed clouds. The day will still be warm at almost 80 degrees, but get ready for another 50-year night.

© The Weather Channel

Florida can still be much warmer and sunnier than at home when you visit it next week. Be sure to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the most intense UV rays we usually see here.

Overview of the week

Here is a full description of the week according to The Weather Channel. Temperatures are expected to cool by the end of the week. We are seeing a range of highs from 70 to 90 and lows from 50 to 70.

© The Weather Channel

Other websites like Click Orlando News 6 …

© Click Orlando News 6

… and WESH 2 News have similar forecasts throughout the week.

© WESH News 2

Note that these predictions may change. We recommend that you check the forecast as you wrap your bags and each morning of the trip to make sure you are ready.

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Tips to withstand the weather!

So what are our best tips for packing when it comes to this week’s forecasts?

Pack these layers.

We have already said it and we will say it again. The coat is the KEY to staying comfortable during the cooler seasons in Florida. Orlando has a tendency to slingshot between cold temperatures during the day and cold temperatures at night.


If you wear a coat, you’re likely to get uncomfortable for part of the day. Wear a light scarf or jacket to throw on once these temperatures drop so you can be comfortable both if the sun is shining and if you watch the fireworks at 58 degrees.

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Stay healthy!

Now, those afternoons can be cool, but we keep watching the hot, sunny days, and the Florida sun can be INTENSIVE. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe when you walk miles in the heat.

Inside the Rotunda Bistro

Be sure to apply sunscreen and reapply it often, take breaks when you need them, and drink A LOT of water. You may not be used to the level of activity that a Disney day requires, so make sure you listen to what your body needs.

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And that’s the forecast for next week! As always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney updates.

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Are you heading to Disney World next week? Tell us in the comments!

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