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According to Spotify listening data, the popularity of music music in Poland has doubled in the last five years. Today, 23% of all music heard on Spotify in Poland is rap music, and this brings a number of new listeners and local producers of all ages. So in order to highlight the growing and goldenly diverse rape scene across the country, Spotify Poland has launched a campaign that asks a deceptively simple question: What is rape?

Depending on who you ask, the answer varies, but all experts agree that it is on an endless path to growth. “Polish rap is so diverse, colorful, hard to define and that’s the beauty of it!” Said Mateusz Smółka, Music Team Lead Eastern Europe, Spotify. “We’re on Spotify, with the artists, ‘What’s up?’ Looking for answers to such questions.To listen to different voices and show how wide the range is.But the biggest thing is that we are celebrating all kinds of rap, and we are covering all kinds of examples on Spotify!

Young Lucia, One of Poland’s most famous generals, ZJ DJ and music music artist, took the conversation further, sharing his vision as a producer. “Rap has become the most popular music in the world, so it’s not something we invented, but in general, I think rap is true. “It’s about real experiences that people can relate to.”

She is not alone in her thoughts. We also asked the thirteen most popular Polish papers to add their voices to the campaign and share their views on the rap. They did not disappoint.

But to understand What Rap is in Poland, we also need to know why and how the country’s strongest rap scene came about.

Exploring the rise of genre on the platform

When Spotify Music Editor Genrekaza hip hop playlist (now AP App Generation) Towards the end of 2017, rap was on the rise, but it was not as responsible for most of the mainstream hits in Poland as it is today. It had more trap music effects and didn’t involve as much experimentation, dance, R&B or rock-inspired beats.

Experts blame the evolution of the genre for the trend of collaboration among artists. In particular, many rappers began to form supergroups and super collaborations. Our music editors point out 2018 as the genre turning point, while the two biggest rappers, Taco Hemingway And CubonafideTogether they have recorded a record-breaking album together Taconified. From there, the rap and its super collaboration was ready for the spotlight.

As part of our recent campaign, Spotify has re-branded the playlist where it started, genericza hip hop, AP App Generation. With a brand new name and vibrant new design, the playlist is a favorite choice for fans and artists to watch the hottest and biggest releases of Polish rap. In the last three years, RAP GENERACJA has risen to number one in the ranking rankings of the Spotify Polish playlist, has become the most-listened playlist in the country, and has grown by 240% among listeners. Recently, the playlist has made waves around the world and has become one of the top 10 rap playlists in Spotify’s global playlist rankings.

And, to highlight the variety of sound in the genre, Spotify has launched seven new playlists, including one for young artists. Young rap, And playlists celebrating the history of Polish rap, legendary tracks and artists. That includes playlists Polish Rep 2000., Polish Rep. 2010., And Rap History.

The explosion of new playlists reflects the versatility and strength of the genre. “Polish rap is one of the most important and influential genres in Poland at the moment, taking charts and inspiring mainstream, but flirting with pop, electronic / dance, alternative, rock and many other genres,” Matthews said.

Artists create waves and speak for generations

Whether the producers merged into a supergroup or maintained a solo career, everyone got a first-class seat in Poland’s evolving rap culture. And, while they’re connecting with a growing audience, artists are racing to set (and break) streaming records.

Trending artists speak of a variety of words and styles that have become popular over the past five years – as well as possibilities for emerging producers. Just look at the top 10 papers in the last five years, most of whom have started their careers at the same time:

        1. Taco Hemingway
        2. Cubonafide
        3. Bedo
        4. Lanek
        5. Timek
        6. White 2115
        7. Ż Sabson
        8. Eyes
        9. Young Iggy
        10. PRO8L3M

And look more closely at current trends and record breakers, artists Timek And Big Skeath Lead with the most listened songs in the last five years, their hits “Body language. But the latest record-breaking song on the platform is nipping at their heels, EyesOf “Kiss Cam (Best of the Year). ”The rise of the mother and the favorite creators of fans like Young Leocia reflect the vast changes in the music scene and how the new generation of Polish ppers are resonating with their listeners.

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