Get ready for cooler nights at Disney World for the last full week of October.

Are you going to Walt Disney World this week? If so, be sure to check the time before packing.

Halloween is ready!

It’s the last full week of October at Disney World, which means it’s also the last full week of fall and Halloween festivities before the holidays take over. So ideally there will be a good time to enjoy the latest fall vibes in the parks. And, if you’re going to one of the latest Boo Bash After Hours events, it’s important to know if you’ll be sweating with your costume or if you should wear a jacket. So let’s check out next week’s weather at Disney World.

Here’s a look at AccuWeather next week before we break it down for you:

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Sunday 24 October

The maximum on Sunday is 85 with a temperature of 90 seconds. There will be intervals of clouds and sun with a lost rain. Expect it to rain for about 1 hour.

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is still going on!

The minimum Sunday is 72 and it will be partly cloudy and humid. There is a 9% probability of rain, but 80% of clouds were expected.

Monday, October 25th

Monday’s high will be 86 with a feel of 93. It will be mostly cloudy and humid with a couple of showers and a storm, mostly later in the day. Expect rain for about 2.5 hours.

Rain in Animal Kingdom

The minimum will be 71 Monday night and will again be partly cloudy and humid with a very low probability of rain.

Tuesday, October 26th

On Tuesday, the high will be 88, with a “similar to” temperature really below the actual temperature at 86 degrees. We should see clouds followed by a bright sky and warm air.

Don’t underestimate the Florida sun!

Tuesday night’s low is 70 and will be partly cloudy with only a 3% chance of rain.

Wednesday 27 October

Wednesday’s high will be 86 with a temperature of “88 years”. Expect a bright, sunny day with only a 1% chance of rain.

Sunset Boulevard

Wednesday night’s low is 68 and it will become cloudy. But, there is only a 2% chance of rain.

Thursday, October 28th

On Thursday it warms up a bit with a maximum temperature of 87 and a “sensation” temperature of 91. Clouds and sun will be in the sky and strong storms are possible. There is a 35% probability of rain.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom in a storm

Thursday’s low is 66 and it will be clear and partly cloudy with a 3% chance of rain.

Friday, October 29th

Friday will be mostly sunny and warm with a maximum temperature of 86 degrees and a temperature of 92 ºC. A storm with a 30% chance of rain is possible.

Rain, rain, march!

Friday night it gets a little cold with a low of 62 and clear skies. This is pretty cold for Disney World.

Saturday 30 October

Happy Halloween night! The maximum on Saturday will be 84, with a temperature of 89 “sensation sensation”. It will be mostly sunny and will stay warm throughout the day. A storm is possible and there is a 30% chance of rain.

City Hall decorated for Halloween!

On Saturday night there will be lows of 67 and the sky will be clear with a 1% chance of rain. Perfect time to try to see witches flying over the moon.

All Hallows Eve has arrived!

That’s what makes the weather the last full week of October at Disney World. Take advantage of the next few days of good weather to take one last look at the fall decorations while you can, before switching to holidays. Stay tuned to All Ears for more news, information, and tips on Disney World.

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