The five most unexpected Disney World announcements of the week

Hi DFB friends! What a week he has been with the Disney Genie.


October 19 was the Disney Genie service debut at Disney World and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind as we discover all the bells and whistles of this new service. There were some, too unexpected news i experiences this week at Disney World, so let’s get into it!

Disney Genie +

Between many other Genie surprises it was him 120 minute rule we discovered for the Disney Genie + service. What is this? Well, you can usually only book one Genie + Lightning Lane at a time, but there is one exception. Once you have booked a Lightning Lane, you will not be able to book another one until you use the existing Lightning Lane Or wait for a 120-minute cooling.

© Disney || The message you will receive if you try to book too early

For example, if you book a Slinky Dog Dash Lightning Lane for 6pm to 11am; you will not be blocked from booking any other Lightning Lane until the evening. Instead, once the 120-minute cooling is over at 1 p.m., you can book a SECOND Lightning Lane – keeping the Slinky Dog Dash reservation.

Please note that if you book your first Lightning Lane before the park opens, cooling will not begin until the park opens. So if Hollywood Studios opens at 9am and you book your Slinky Dog pass at 7am, you’ll have to wait until 11am to book your second Lightning Lane.

© Disney

Remember, this rule only applies if you are not using the reserved Lightning Lane for the first time. This will probably only happen with mega-popular attractions like Slinky Dog Dash. In most cases, you can book a Lightning Lane that you use within two hours.

Learn more about the new 120-minute rule here.

Filming of Cosmic Rewind

The filming of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind begins and EPCOT! Disney recently announced that the long-awaited trip would be opening sometime in 2022, but have not yet released an official date.

@JamesGunn via Twitter

That Inner omnicoaster will be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees so that guests do not miss any history of the trip.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Ride Vehicle

We can’t wait to see what scenes they filmed during the trip.

We entered INSIDE the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride. Read our experience HERE!

Technical problems of the Increase of the Resistance

We’ve learned what happens when a trip closes after shopping Selection of individual attractions, or pay per trip, when Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance closed not once but THRICE after buying an IAS Lightning Lane for $ 11. Disney’s official policy is this no modifications or cancellations are allowed for the selection of individual attractions, so when the journey went down temporarily we received a “experience redemption”It goes well through a Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane until the end of the day.

Experience Redemption Pass

A cast member let us know that if the ride did not reopen, we would receive a refund. However, as Rise continued to open and close, we continued to receive a refund pass for replacement experience well until the end of the day. One important thing we observed through this experience was that we were able to make another selection of individual attractions once we received the experience exchange pass. Usually is limited to two selections of individual attractions per day, therefore, this allowed us to buy a third.

The rise of resistance was broken HOW MANY times ??

Cost of selecting individual attractions and Genie +

We found out The selection of individual attractions and Genie + will cost more than we thought before. We already knew that Genie + would cost Disney World guests $ 15 per ticket per day, but we found that the the total cost was $ 15.98 after taxes. And as for the selections of individual attractions, which currently range from $ 7 to $ 15, depending on the day and the trip, they also charged us taxes.

© Disney

While some people might argue that these hidden costs are not so much, if you have a strict budget, unexpected costs can add up. Maybe you will plans to cost Genie + nearly $ 16 a day, instead of $ 15.

ALERT: Disney Genie + and pay per trip will cost more than expected.

Polynesian 50th anniversary collection

A new 50th anniversary collection debuted in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! This collection is a tropical version of the 50th anniversary of Disney World, with a limited edition MagicBand, a T-shirt with Tiki buttons and a matching dress.

It’s time to buy

We also saw one souvenir glass, a pin and more. You can find this collection at Shop at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort!

See more photos from the 50th anniversary Polynesian collection here.

And that’s all unexpected news this week! Keep consulting with DFB for more tips and tricks on Disney World.

Five Disney World professionals tested the new Genie planning system and that’s what they learned.

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Are you surprised by any of the news from Disney World this week? Tell us in the comments!

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