Does Genie + save you time at Disney World? We tried it!

Disney Genie is officially LIVE at Walt Disney World which means there are TWO new ways to pay to “jump the queues” at popular attractions across the park: Genie + and Individual Attraction Selection.

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From how to buy Genie + to whether it can really be assembled all at Magic Kingdom with Genie +, we offer you a look at everything you need to know. We have already discussed what are the waiting times for attractions with individual and selections of attractions today we take a look at the comparison of standby times with Genie + lines.

In Magic Kingdom, there are a total of 17 different attractions that are included in Genie + and two considered selections of individual attractions (which have a different cost), so we sent two of our reporters to the park at the fall of the rope to see who could ride eight different attractions in the shortest time possible: one with Lightning Lanes and another with Genie’s free suggestions.

Main Street, USA in the morning

And, they were no attraction, we have chosen the ones that usually have the longest waiting times throughout the day – Seven Dwarf Mine Train, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Enchanted Mansion, Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

So who was able to address them all first? And, can paying Lightning Lanes save you time? Let’s take a look!

Seven dwarf mine train

Our reporter who used Lightning Lanes (also known as the old FastPass + lanes) started the day off with one of the attractions from the selection of individual attractions: the seven-dwarf mine train. And the reservation was bright and early from 9:05 to 10:05.

Seven dwarf mine train

They headed there directly when the park opened and the posted waiting time was already up to 60 minutes (probably due to Disney World Resort customers being able to enter the park with Early Theme Park Entry). But thanks to the selection of individual attractions, our wait was only 2 minutes on Lightning Lane.

Seven dwarf mine train

Our other reporter (who used the queue), chose to tackle the ride a little later in the morning and lined up when it was published in the 70th minute. But we timed it and the wait was only 36 minutes in the queue.

Jungle cruise

Starting the day right at the fall of the rope, our journalist who was going to the waiting lines chose to go straight to Jungle Cruise, which had a published waiting time of 25 minutes when he got in line. . And, although the beloved wait ended up jumping 40 minutes while I was in line, the full wait for us was only 11 minutes.

Lightning Lane and Jungle Cruise

Our Genie + reporter made a Lightning Lane booking window a little later in the day, but they call it “skipping the line” for a reason, as they only waited about 5 minutes at Lightning Lane while waiting for it. published waiting time was 50 minutes.

pirates of the caribbean

The next experiment was Pirates of the Caribbean. This was the second trip our journalist went on after Jungle Cruise, as the published waiting time was 5 minutes. And, although the line jumped up to 15 minutes while standing in line, the wait ended up being lower than expected in a total of 3 minutes.

pirates of the caribbean

And, that was a very similar wait for our reporter using Genie +. They booked a Lightning Lane reservation from 12:15 to 13:15 and waited only 4 minutes. At that time, the wait time was posted at 35 minutes.

Splash Mountain

Earlier in the day, Splash Mountain also had a shorter wait time, so our reporter entered the waiting line when it was predicted to be 15 minutes. And again, the wait was shorter (9 minutes).

Splash Mountain

Our Genie + reporter also decided to ride Splash Mountain earlier in the day, arriving when the waiting line had gone up to 30 minutes. But the Lightning Lane wait was about 2 minutes.

Enchanted mansion

He arrived in the middle of the morning, so the Haunted Mansion waiting line had waited up to 25 minutes. However, our actual waiting time was 15 minutes.

Welcome, deadly fools

And, the tendency to expect little or nothing with Genie + continued here, with Lightning Lane waiting only taking 5 minutes at the same time as the waiting line was posted at 40 minutes.

Space Mountain

Next up was Space Mountain, which is the other trip from the selection of individual attractions to Magic Kingdom. So should you pay the extra cost to climb Lightning Lane? Well, our reporter who paid the $ 7 for Lightning Lane (which, remember, that cost can vary!) Was there for three minutes. And, at that point, the wait wait was posted at 20 minutes.

Space Mountain

Later in the day, the waiting time had increased slightly to 25 minutes, even though our reporter waiting at the waiting line had passed it in 11 minutes.

Peter Pan’s flight

At the time, our reporter waiting on the waiting lines was waiting to wait less than the posted times, but that pattern was broken on Peter Pan’s Flight. Here, the published waiting time was 65 minutes and ours ended up being about 20 minutes more, with a total of 83 minutes.

Peter Pan’s flight

But, our Genie + reporter was unaffected by the 80 minute wait and passed Lightning Lane in 2 minutes during the return window from 11:55 to 12:55.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

And, the last attraction of the day was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. With Genie +, our reporter waited only 7 minutes in a row (while the standby wait was posted in 30 minutes) …

Big Thunder Mountain

… and, just before that return window, our other reporter jumped to the waiting line when the wait was posted at 25 minutes and ended up waiting exactly 25 minutes.


So it’s clear that using individual attraction selections and Genie + will save you a lot of time in the queue. But, curiously, our reporter waiting on the waiting lines actually completed all 8 trips before the reporter using Lightning Lanes. Because? Well, with Genie +, our reporter had much more time to stop in the park, being able to relax and have a snack while waiting for the next return window to appear.

Mad Tea Party Lightning Lane

It’s also important to note that we did this experiment on a Wednesday in mid-October, meaning the crowds aren’t likely to be what you’ll experience during a weekend or holiday period. Therefore, although the published wait times were consistently longer than the actual wait, this may not be true for all times of the year. And even if so, these lines will generally be longer on busy dates.

Lightning Lane in “It’s a Small World”

Generally, buying access to Lightning Lanes at park attractions may not mean you will drive them faster, but it does will it means you spend less time waiting in line. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to get to the park just when it comes to opening the rope drop and prefer to spend time snacking and contemplating other aspects of the park, it’s possible that Genie + and Individual Amusement Selections are ideal for you.

Tomorrowland Speedway

Of course, we will continue to offer you the last waiting times at Disney World and if the new payment systems to “skip the queues” could be worth it for you. And in the meantime, stay tuned to AllEars for more news and updates about Disney.

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