If you thought the Star Wars hotel was expensive, you might not want to see this house …

Disney fans have come up with some pretty creative ways to bring their favorite Disney movies to life.

Disney themed house in Anaheim, CA © realtor.com

We’ve seen a house designed to be an exact replica of the one Pooh Bear lives on, houses built literally by Disney Imagineers and even houses that make you feel like you’ve entered the enchanted mansion. I, if you are big Star Wars fan, you’ll want to see the new Disney-inspired house.

Zillow now has a listing for a new home in Kissimmee, Florida, covering more than 21,000 square feet. And while the exterior may make it look like it’s just your usual GIANT home, it’s what’s inside that will make Disney fans excited.

© Zillow

The home has a lot of Star Wars theme rooms that include a bunk bed designed to look like you’ve boarded a capital ship …

© Zillow

… fits the droids, of course.

© Zillow

And, another room with bunk beds reminds of the planet Naboo …

© Zillow

… with some recognizable characters like Rey …

© Zillow

… and Baby Yoda!

© Zillow

Plus, you’ll even find little reminders of the original Star Wars trilogy throughout the house, including Han Solo wrapped in carbonite …

© Zillow

… and General Grievous.

© Zillow

And you have to be careful in the corridors that you head down, as you may stumble upon Darth Vader himself.

© Zillow

The house is currently listed on Zillow for $ 11.5 million, so you can check it out if you wish. And we’ll keep an eye out for other unique ways fans show their love for everything Disney has at home, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars.

See how you can stay at Winnie the Pooh’s house HERE!

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